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Get a first-class shine with the tasks you do every day.

Watch to discover how the new 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System maintains the shine of your floors and reduces the need for labor intensive maintenance projects.

Introducing the 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System.

Reduce labor and product cost associated with your routine floor maintenance when you use the products in the 3M Advanced Floor Care System.

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Discover All 3M Floor Care Product Solutions:

Restore, Protect and Maintain with 3M Floor Care Products

The floor is the first thing your guests see when they walk through the door — and its condition reflects on you. From scrubbing to cleaning to polishing, we’ll help you restore, protect and maintain the beauty of your floors with commercial floor cleaning systems that are efficient, effective and easy to use.

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  • 1. Floor Restoration

    Daily wear and tear can diminish your floor's shine. Luckily, the right products can bring it back to life. 3M knows that different floors need different solutions; that's why we've developed products for all types, ages and stages of flooring, including both resilient and stone.

  • 2. Floor Protection

    Once you’ve achieved brilliance in your floors, you want to make it last. To ensure your floor shines both today and in the future, protection against everyday wear and tear is integral. That’s why 3M has your floor covered by offering products that keep them looking new no matter what they encounter.

  • 3. Floor Maintenance

    Once floors are restored back to life and protected against future damage, it's essential to preserve their long-term beauty with a daily floor cleaning regimen. From dusting to mopping to scrubbing, 3M has products tailored to your specific floor type and commercial cleaning needs.

Custom Floor Cleaning Solutions and Floor Maintenance in Action

  • See how 3M Floor Care solutions can make your facility shine while potentially reducing maintenance. Complete the form to request your free floor care demo.

  • With hundreds of visitors a day, the terrazzo flooring of the Henderson City Hall was being damaged by heavy foot traffic, which resulted in frequent scrubbing, buffing and recoating. When the facility started using the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System, labor costs significantly decreased, as it provided an entire cleaning system in just a few simple steps.

  • Download and print a personalized floor pad wall chart for your facility to ensure your cleaning staff uses the right pad to complete the job efficiently and with great results.

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  • healthcare worker cleaning patient hospital room floors with the 3M mopping system tool.

    Say goodbye to bulky string mops and buckets and say hello to a 3M™ Mopping System. Interchangeable components allow you to create the perfect tool for a variety of wet or dry applications. Whether you’re dusting, mopping or applying floor finish. In addition, ergonomic design helps to improve comfort and performance. It’s the only mopping tool you’ll need.

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