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Find Your 3M Commercial Cleaning Solution

  • The appearance of your floors can affect first impressions and ultimately, your building’s image. 3M offers solutions to help streamline and increase efficiencies, to make sure your floors look their best.

  • It’s inevitable – dust is everywhere and on everything. From floors to the tops of doorways, 3M dusting solutions effectively remove unwanted dirt and debris.

  • Ensuring a facility is properly cleaned and sanitized is a large undertaking. 3M cleaning chemicals help manage your facility care programs, keeping accuracy and top of mind.

  • Design solutions including architectural finishes, glass finishes, and windows films provide you with the tools you need to give a space a fresh new look, at a fraction of the cost and downtime.

  • Taking a proactive versus reactive approach to floor safety is the best way to prevent slips and trips. 3M provides products solutions to help you identify and mitigate risk areas within your facility.

  • Mopping is a daily task that can monopolize labor time and quickly lead to cleaning fatigue. 3M mopping solutions help clean more efficiently, with a system that is versatile, comfortable and easy to use.

  • Keep your facility clean and disinfected by avoiding under-dilution and over-dilution of chemical concentrates. 3M’s cleaning chemical management systems make accurate dilution easy and efficient.

  • Discover cleaning, maintenance and resurfacing solutions for your facility. Industries include building service contractor (BSC), food service, education, health care, hospitality and retail.

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