illustration of man using VAS.

Visual Attention Software (VAS)

Analyze. Decide. Improve.

VAS is easy to use and plays nice in your existing creative process. Design as you always have and decide what your visual priorities are. Upload your design and use VAS via web, mobile app or our Photoshop plugin, marking up your areas of interest. Use the results to confirm that you've achieved your visual goals, or to guide revisions. VAS makes it easier to know when you're 'done', or when the work is ready to present to your client. Use VAS as many times as needed to analyze alternate layouts. Join the many companies and individuals who are already benefiting from VAS in their creative workflow.

Your workflow + VAS. Step by step.

Designing in an Adobe product

Start with your normal design process. Decide on the visual goals for the piece.

Adding VAS to your desktop
Upload to VAS

Use the marquee tool to mark up areas of interest, such as headlines, logos, etc.

VAS in use in an Adobe Suite
Start VAS-ing

Look at VAS analysis. Decide if you're 'done' or if you haven't met the visual goals yet.

Revise if Needed
Revise if Needed

Use VAS results to guide revisions. Use VAS again to analyze new layouts and ideas until you find your solution.

Get started by signing up for a VAS account. Try it and analyze two images for free. Choose from monthly or annual subscription options, or talk to VAS expert to discuss group licensing benefits.