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An essential tool for graphics and signage

Draw more attention. Get more done.

  • 3-5 seconds. That's about all the time you get for your design to be noticed or lost in the shuffle. What if you could predict what people are likely to see in those critical seconds? And use that knowledge to make your designs stand out?

    VAS analyses your designs, using algorithms developed by 3M scientists, that simulate what people see during the first 3-5 seconds of viewing and can analyze almost any visual—print ads, web banners, store shelf planograms, billboards and more. VAS helps you increase client confidence, simplify approvals, and gain consensus on visual priorities.

Why use VAS?

Because you’re not just battling visual clutter. You’re battling human vision.

  • Newsroom video

    Science has proven that 5 visual elements attract attention and trigger conscious viewing.

    • Edges
    • Intensity
    • Red/Green Contrast
    • Blue/Yellow Contrast
    • Face

Benefits for You and Your Customers

  • Stick figures

    Differentiate your company

    A sales tool to get new customers and projects

  • Store

    Win the first glance

    A design tool to battle visual clutter

  • Check list

    Get more done

    A productivity tool to gain consensus and support recommendations

  • Face with idea bubble

    Increase confidence

    Reduce subjective feedback and churn by adding objective data to the discussion

Who is using VAS?

  • Unilever's Logo
  • Kellogg's Logo
  • General Mills Logo
  • Persona logo
  • Path to Purchase Institute's Logo
  • Beiersdorf's Logo
  • Hunterstraker Logo
  • Fastsigns Logo
  • Global Image Management's Logo
  • InContext Logo

Ready to VAS?

Get started by signing up for a VAS account. Try it and analyze two images for free. Choose from monthly or annual subscription options, or talk to VAS expert to discuss group licensing benefits.

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