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      Collaborative Creativity

      3M thrives on a rich dynamic of exchange, sharing insights and exploring new technological possibilities to create meaningful and relevant connection between people and our brand. That’s why we partnered with Vestechpro, an apparel research and innovation center to challenge 40 graduates from the Cegep Marie-Victorin school of fashion in Montreal, Canada. Students were challenged to explore solutions to creatively integrate 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material into urban wear and present their creations on the runway.

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    • FIRST PLACE: Lys Quintero

      FIRST PLACE: Lys Quintero

      Lys grew up in a creative environment with parents who are artists. She took inspiration for her winning design from various sources, including the stars (night/day effect with the reflective material), and the ocean, creating the floating illusions made with the plastic-like material and reflective found at the bottom of the piece. Origami was her inspiration for the piece that runs the length of the back of the garment. Her love for Japanese culture and influence inspired her to create the garment as a kimono-esque piece.

    • SECOND PLACE: Sarah-Melody Marleau

      SECOND PLACE: Sarah-Melody Marleau

      Sarah-Mélody comes from a line of fashion industry professionals. She hopes to focus on fashion design marketing in the future.

    • THIRD PLACE: Laurent Auger

      THIRD PLACE: Laurent Auger

      Laurent has enjoyed fashion from an early age and strives to push boundaries with his work. He hopes to continue working as an artist and designing womenswear.

    • FINALIST: Alexandre Gallant

      FINALIST: Alexandre Gallant

      Alexandre didn’t create garments until college, but has always enjoyed sketching clothes and anime characters. He’s interested in studying clothing production and designing menswear.

    • FINALIST: Karolanne Tremblay

      FINALIST: Karolanne Tremblay

      Karolanne has loved fashion since she was 5 years old. She plans on working as a technical designer along with starting a few side projects.

    • FINALIST: Romie Allard-Pigeon

      FINALIST: Romie Allard-Pigeon

      Romie’s mother inspired her for this project because of her joy of knitting. Romie was impressed with the reflective embroidery yarn and always wanted to create a silhouette with design knitting. She hopes to incorporate it into a design again in the future.