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Greetings from 3M Columbia

  • 3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, we have worked to improve daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world.  We have made driving at night easier, made buildings safer, and made consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment. We even helped put a man on the moon.

    Every day at 3M, one idea always leads to the next, igniting momentum to make progress possible around the world.

    3M Columbia, Missouri

    History of 3M Columbia

    In 1946 3M Columbia's history is a story of continuous evolution, innovation, and invention. The Columbia plant's ability to attract and retain talent has enabled a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

    The site's central United States location provides convenient, direct access to major markets and customers.  Columbia is a mix of rural family farms and mid-size commercial operations combined with a major university, colleges, and medical research institutions.  The community has been the springboard from which 3M has successfully commercialized multiple product platforms and developed the site into a 3M center of technical manufacturing excellence.

    3M started working with the Columbia Development Corporation in the late 1960s to identify a manufacturing location.  In cooperation with the support of local leaders, 3M initiated development of the site in 1969 and opened a new 160,000 sq. ft. plant in 1970.  The initial operations at the site were related to film making for 3M's Visual Systems Division.

    Within the next 10 years, 3M would launch flex circuit, interconnect solutions, microwave products, and overhead projection manufacturing operations in Columbia.  In 1980, 3M invested in an 80,000 sq. ft. expansion to the site, and, over the next several years, expanded the interconnect solutions operations.  In the1980s, demand for the interconnect solutions and flex circuit products expanded which required significant investments in facilities and process improvements.

    3M exited the microwave products business in 1986.  During the ensuing two years, the 3M Columbia team worked with St. Paul development laboratories, and, in 1988, 3M's security systems business initiated manufacturing operations in Columbia.  Although the market for these initial security systems products no longer exists, additional investments and product developments led to moving a new line of RFID solutions for the 3M Track and Trace business to Columbia.  In 1988, 3M consolidated the manufacture of interconnect solutions processing trays into the Columbia site, which significantly increased the sites molding capabilities and participation in the markets of interconnect solutions.

    In the late 1980s a team of engineers from Columbia and Austin, TX developed a revolutionary new way to manufacture flexible circuits.  This new process eliminated the need to use organic solvents and enabled 3M to launch this technology in the printer market in the early 1990s.  This team was awarded the prestigious Chairman's EHS Leadership award for their accomplishments.  Over the next 15 years, the printer flex circuits business grew significantly and spawned multiple products.  Multiple plant expansions occurred, and major infrastructure was added to the site.  More than 10 major flex-based product platforms were developed and launched from Columbia.  In the early 2000s, as flex manufacturing moved outside the United States, 3M Columbia supported the development of new operations elsewhere, including the establishment of 3M's Singapore electronics manufacturing operations.

    In 2003, 3M Columbia got involved with the development of medical diagnostic products, and, in 2006, began manufacturing the Microcard product line.

    By 2010, flex circuit manufacturing had completed the exit from 3M Columbia and by 2012, a new wave of product lines began to in enter the picture.  The installation of the Barrier Film Coating process began producing products for the solar panel, window film, and High Definition display markets.  Littmann® Stethocscope manufacturing streamlined its complicated supply chain by consolidating many operations into 3M Columbia.  An infrastructure of clean-room manufacturing, analytical and microbiology laboratories, and FDA certifications enabled and attracted the manufacturing of other products in the Health Care business focused on Infection Prevention, Food Safety, and Medical Diagnostics.

    The success of these product lines demonstrate 3M Columbia's resiliency and drive to adapt, innovate, and respond to opportunities with speed and operational excellence to create solutions for our customers.

    Today, Lean Six Sigma is at the center of 3M Columba's drive to meet customer needs, comply with regulatory requirements, and provide an excellent return to shareholders.  3M Interconnect Solutions, Barrier Films, Littmann® Stethoscopes, and Infection Prevention products continue to be solid product platforms, and Columbia leads 3M's manufacturing and supply chain efforts for these products.

In the Plant

  • Technologies

    O-3M is a pioneer in developing and applying technologies in new and groundbreaking ways.  The primary technologies used at 3M Columbia include:

    • Analytical Science and Technology (As)
    • Biotechnology (Bt)
    • Electronic Materials (Em)
    • Filtration Separation and Purification (Fs)
    • Flexible Electronics (Fe)
    • Imaging (Im)
    • Inspection and Measurement (In)
    • Mechanical Fasteners (Mf)
    • Microbial Detection and Control (Md)
    • Microreplication (Mr)
    • Molding (Mo)
    • Precision Electroplating (Pe)
    • Precision Metal Stamping (Pm)
    • Precision Processing (Pp)
    • Process Design and Control (Pd)
    • Sensors (Se)
    • Surface modification (Sm)
    • Vapor Processing (Vp)
  • Products & Services

    3M Columbia manufactures thousands of product variations that fall into multiple product groups.  Our “customer first” attitude and customer support success are benchmarks in the industry.  Internal and external quality levels are extremely high with excellent service levels.

    • Interconnect Products: Vertically integrated, global manufacturer of interconnect solutions for a wide range of electronic connectors for circuit boards and cables.
    • Littmann® Stethoscopes: Global Supplier of the #1 brand stethoscope in the medical community.
    • Barrier Films: Global supplier of 3M Barrier films supporting products that include solar panel barrier, high definition displays, and window films.
    • Liquid Medical Products: Sterilized products and solutions used to protect surgical patients from infections.
    • Purification Filters: Filters used by Biopharmaceutical companies to remove contaminants from the harvest fluid in making therapeutic proteins to treat autoimmune diseases and cancers.
    • Curos™:  A simple and elegant solution to help prevent infections from IV systems
    • Medical Diagnostic Products: We provide innovative solutions, products, and supplies used for rapid DNA testing for research, food pathogens, and illnesses.

In the Community

  • 3M Columbia Life

    Columbia consistently rates as one of the best communities in America.  It successfully blends a progressive business environment with a desirable quality of life.  The community offers small-town friendliness with big-city features for people of all ages and interests.  Columbia is a great place to live because it offers:

    • An excellent school system
    • Outstanding health care facilities
    • Abundant entertainment opportunities
    • A low cost of living
    • Excellent access to outdoor activities: golf, biking, hunting, fishing, and camping
    • First rate college sports venues
    • Clean, safe environment and excellent family atmosphere
    • Excellent business climate
    • Assets and resources of the University of Missouri - Columbia.  When combined with the highly-educated workforce living in this area, these assets make Mid-Missouri an ideal location to develop and nurture emerging life sciences technology.  Collaboration at the newly-completed $60 million Life Sciences Center, coupled with the University's business incubator and Research Park, are fueling the life sciences industry.


    • Education is one of the most important aspects of life in Columbia.  Columbia has a strong tradition of education and offers one of the finest elementary and secondary school systems in the nation.  Public and private schools offer a variety of educational programs.  Student achievement and participation in post-secondary education consistently place Columbia in the top tier of schools systems.
    • Columbia is home to nearly 30,000 students the University of Missouri's (UMC) main campus.  UMC includes multiple technical and liberal arts colleges, which offer bachelor, master, and PhD degrees in over 100 areas of study, including degrees in law and medicine.
    • Nearby Moberly Community College and Linn State Technical College offer excellent educational resources to support local talent development.
    • Columbia is also home to Stephens and Columbia Colleges with student populations of approximately 5,000 students.


    • Columbia has abundant recreational activities ranging from biking to river floating to golf.
    • The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department oversees over 2,800 acres of park land and maintains 72 parks, green space locations, and recreation facilities.  A wide array of sports, recreation activities, lessons, and special events are available for citizens of all ages.  Open space, parks, and trails provide many opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of Columbia.
    • Columbia has three premiere running/walking and biking trails, the MKT Nature/Fitness Trail, Bear Creek Trail, and Hinkson Creek Trail, along with many neighborhood park trails.  MKT Nature/Fitness Trail connects downtown Columbia with the 300+ mile Katy Trail State Park and provides active recreation while preserving large areas of natural beauty.  In addition, hundreds of miles of trails and outdoor adventure activities exist within the Rock Bridge State Park, Three Creeks Wilderness Area, and Mark Twain National Forest, all of which are adjacent to the city.
    • Columbia has three public and two private 18-hole golf courses within the city limits.  In addition, many other excellent golf opportunities exist in the mid-Missouri area near Columbia.

    Points of Interest

    • Health Clubs and Fitness Centers - Columbia is home to two large and multiple smaller fitness clubs.  In addition, the city operates an excellent, full-service recreation center, and the university operates a fitness facility that is accessible by the public.
    • Theater and the Arts - Columbia has over 20 galleries and museums, nine live theaters with regularly scheduled performances, and live music venues that attract local, regional, and national artists.  The annual T/F Documentary Film Festival attracts participants from around the world.


    • Columbia has a wide variety of dining options including locally owned restaurants offering unique dining experiences.

    Medical Services

    • Columbia's medical network (four Hospitals, a University Medical School, multiple clinics, and specialized care facilities) provides mid-Missouri and the entire state with the highest quality healthcare.  The city's medical population brings positive economic influence, attracts medically related industries, and provides residents with progressive medical services comparable to those offered in cities many times its size.  Some of the specialized services include a children's hospital, a residential school for the mentally handicapped, comprehensive care nursing homes, fully accredited rehabilitation services, a Ronald McDonald House, and visiting nursing services.

    Closest Big Cities of Interest

    • St Louis , Missouri - 120 miles
    • Kansas City, Missouri - 120 miles
  • 3M Columbia Community Involvement

    3M A strong and enduring connection exists between the local community and 3M Columbia.  The plant actively supports educational, environmental, health, social services, and other programs through partnerships, contributions, and volunteerism in the community.

    3M Columbia provides financial support, product donations, or is actively involved with the following organizations:

    • American Red Cross
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    • Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture – Ag Park
    • Columbia College – STEAM Camp
    • Columbia STEM Alliance
    • First Robotics
    • Girl Scouts of Missouri Heartland
    • Local Area Schools
    • Missouri River Relief
    • Partners in Education – Shepard Boulevard Elementary
    • Rainbow House
    • STEAM Bus
    • The Food Bank of Central & Northeast Missouri
    • United Way

Contact 3M Columbia Plant

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3M Columbia
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