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Welcome to Brookings
Welcome to Brookings

3M Brookings Plant

  • 3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, we have worked to improve daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

    We have made driving at night easier, made buildings safer, and made consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment. We even helped put a man on the moon.

    Every day at 3M, one idea always leads to the next, igniting momentum to make progress possible around the world.

    3M Brookings

    The Brookings plant is 3M’s first and largest Health Care manufacturing facility. Our employees manufacture hundreds of medical, surgical and food safety products ranging from surgical tapes, drapes and dressings to cold/hot packs and biological indicators. They are used in health care facilities, manufacturing sites and homes around the world. Brookings operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to produce quality products to meet the needs of our customers.

    Production employee’s roles range from packing products to operating highly technical equipment. These processes are supported by engineering, quality control, information technology, maintenance, warehouse and administrative personnel. As part of the 3M Health Care Business, 3M Brookings also receives research, engineering and marketing support from 3M corporate headquarters in St. Paul, MN.

    Safety, quality and stakeholder satisfaction are the guiding principles of 3M Brookings operations and the responsibility of every employee. We strive for great customer service and operational excellence every day, in every product we make.

    We will accomplish our mission by operating in an ethically and environmentally responsible manner, focusing on operational excellence and producing the highest quality product.

    3M Brookings broke ground in 1969 and began production operations in 1971. We have continued to grow over the years, and with the completion of our newest addition in 2016 will occupy 656,292 sq. ft. Nearly 1,000 employees manufacture products to support 3M’s Critical and Chronic Care Solutions Division (C3SD), the Infection Prevention Division and the Food Safety Department. We are home to 3M’s only gamma sterilizer and process many of our products all the way from railroad cars of raw materials to finished goods ready for shipment to our customers.

    Plant History

    1968 – Brookings, SD selected as site of new 3M Medical Products Plant
    1969 – Ground breaking held for Brookings plant
    1971 – Tape and Mask production begins
    1971 – 3M donates land for city exercise course. 3M Club formed
    1972 – Sterilized products production begins
    1973 – 150,000 sq. ft. expansion initiated
    1975 – New coating operation begins production
    1982 – 3M™ Attest™ production begins. Laboratory operations begin.
    1985 – 10,000 sq. ft. addition completed; includes employee cafeteria, conference rooms and office space
    1988 – 3M Brookings makes its first direct international shipment
    1989 – Ground breaking for 80,000 sq. ft. expansion bringing 3M Brookings facility to 535,000 sq. ft.
    1990 – 4,000 sq. ft. dock addition increases shipping area by 67 percent
    1991 –Surgical drape converting occupies new addition
    1991 – Construction begins on 5,000 sq. ft. storage building and adhesive storage tanks
    1993 – Fume incinerator fully operational
    1995 – Land donated to the city for fire station
    1999 – 21,000 sq. ft. warehouse changed to production area for extruders and sterilized products converting equipment
    2001 – 3,000 sq. ft. expansion added for 3M™ Attest™ production
    2005 – Construction completed on Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) 
    2005 – Brookings site receives top dollar savings award for 3P (Pollution Prevention Pays)
    2006 – Construction begins on M6 Coater and 3M™ Attest™ laboratory and production facilities expansion
    2006 – 3M Brookings earns numerous awards, including:

    • National EPA Environmental Achievement Award
    • OSHA Voluntary Protection Partnership (VPP) STAR Award
    • Corporate Chairman’s (Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Award
    • 3P Innovation, Technical Circle of Excellence and Maintenance Conscious Engineering Awards for the RTO
    • “Top 5 Plant” recognition by Environmental Protection magazine

    2007 – S10 Gamma Sterilizer is commissioned
    2007 – 3M Brookings earns the following awards:

    • South Dakota Governor’s Award for Safety
    • Regional 8 EPA Environmental Achievement Award
    • South Dakota State Wildlife Federation Conservationist of the year
    • 3M Platinum (highest) level Energy Award

    2008 – M6 Coater addition and 3M™ Attest™ expansion
    2009 – Sample Handling production moves to 3M Brookings plant
    2011 – 3M Foundation donates $250,000 to fund new South Dakota State University Chemistry lab
    2011 – Brookings Plant celebrates its 40th Anniversary with community open house and employee entertainment events
    2013 – 3M Foundation donates $200,000 to Brookings and $25,000 to Flandreau Boys and Girls Club building projects and $100,000 to Lake Area Technical Institute for Robotics Curriculum program expansion
    2013 – 3M Brookings hosts National Association of Manufacturers Legislative Excellence Award event honoring Senator John Thune and Representative Kristi Noem for their support of strong manufacturing economy
    2015 – 3M Brookings recognized by Prairie Business Magazine as one of their 50 Best Places to Work in the Northern Plains for the second consecutive year
    2015 – 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate product celebrates 30th Anniversary
    2015 – Groundbreaking for 44,000 sq. ft. expansion

    3M Brookings Plant Managers
    Al Moum (1971-1982)
    Jack Yonkovich (1982-1994)
    John Ditlefsen (1994-2001)
    Vickie Batroot (2001-2004)
    Mike Magnuson (2004-2013)
    Ann Getting (2013-2015)
    Jim Fay (2015-Present)

In the Plant

  • Products Produced

    3M Brookings applies science to bring quality, dependable products to health care facilities, manufacturing sites and homes around the world. Our products help health care professionals provide patient care, help food manufacturers ensure consumer safety and help improve the lives of our customers around the world.

    The Brookings plant is divided into five production areas known as focused factories. Production and support personnel staff each focused factory. This structure is a common way to divide a large plant into smaller units with similar products or technologies.

    Gateway Focused Factory

    • Contains the making, coating, extruding, embossing and rewinding processes
    • Converts raw materials into large roll jumbo outputs to be used by other departments in the plant
    • Lathes slit Coban and Vetrap elastic wrap jumbos into smaller rolls

    Tape Converting Focused Factory

    • Slits large jumbos of tape into smaller, consumer size rolls
    • Technologies range from manual slitting and packaging to high speed, fully automated slitters and short roll winders
    • 3M DeFib Pad and 3M Hot/Cold Pack converting

    Sterilized Products Focused Factory

    • Performs final processing and packing of surgical and wound care products such as Tegaderm™ dressings and Steri-Strip™ skin closures
    • Utilizes the newest technology in automated converting, assembly and packaging equipment
    • Gamma sterilization

    Attest Focused Factory

    • Manufactures Attest™ Biological Indicators (BIs) used by health care providers to monitor the effectiveness of sterilization cycles to detect failures quickly and efficiently
    • Steri-Drape Incise and Specialty Surgical Drapes production

    Sample Handling and Petrifilm™ Focused Factory

    • Produces Sample Handling products to help ensure food safety and quality
    • Makes Petrifilm™ Plates to perform microbial testing

    3M™ Medical Tapes

    • 3M™ Kind Removal Silicone Tape:  Repositionable adhesive provides reliable securement and kind removal
    • 3M™ Micropore™ Surgical Tape:  General purpose paper tape, gentle to the skin
    • 3M™ Transpore™ Surgical Tape:  Clear plastic perforated tape used to secure devices and tubing
    • 3M™ Durapore™ Surgical Tape:  Silk-like cloth tape with high strength and adhesion
    • 3M™ Blenderm™ Surgical Tape:  Transparent plastic tape provides fluid and contamination barrier
    • 3M™ Microfoam™ Surgical Tape:  Elastic foam tape stretches and conforms
    • 3M™ Medipore™ Cloth Adhesive Tapes:  Soft, conformable perforated cloth tape

    3M™ Tegaderm™ Branded Dressings
    Hypoallergenic, sterile film dressing which is oxygen and moisture vapor permeable.  For use as a dressing for peripheral and IV dressings, for skin protection and as a wound dressing on minor abrasions, superficial pressure ulcers, skin graft donor sites and closed clean surgical wounds.

    3M™ Steri-Strip™ Adhesive Skin Closures
    Skin closure tape strips with hypoallergenic, pressure-sensitive adhesive.

    3M™ Coban™ Self-Adherent Wrap and 3M™ Coban™ 2 Layer Compression System
    Non-adhesive elastic wrap which adheres only to itself and provides support and compression.  Underwrap for knees, elbows and ankles.  3M™ Coban2™ compression wrap is used for leg ulcers.

    3M™ Vetrap™ Bandaging Tape
    Flexible wrap; adheres to itself so no clips or fasteners are needed.

    3M™ Steri-Drape™ Specialty Surgical Drapes
    A variety of custom design surgical drapes, including cardiovascular, orthoscopic, cesarean, and ophthalmic.

    3M™ Steri-Drape™ Incise Drapes
    Anatomically conformable film with hypoallergenic adhesive.  Delivered with a liner and in a sterile bag. 

    3M™ Attest™ Biological Indicators
    A biological system used to monitor the effectiveness of steam 
    sterilization and detect failures more quickly and efficiently.

    3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates
    Sample-ready plates streamline and standardize the microbiological testing process used to help ensure food safety and quality.

    3M™ Sample Handling Products
    Sample handling, media and lab supplies used by food industries to test
    for contaminants.

    3M™ Nexcare™ Reusable Cold/Hot Packs
    Dual purpose for icy cool or soothing heat.

    3M™ Defib Pads
    Ready-to-use, conductive gel pads for use in defibrillation.

  • Technologies Utilized


    3M is a pioneer in developing and applying technologies in new and groundbreaking ways. These are core technologies used at 3M Brookings:

    • Adhesive Handling (Ah) 
    • Analytical Chemistry (Ac) 
    • Coating/Drying (Cd) 
    • Extruding (Ex) 
    • Gamma Sterilization (Gs) 
    • Making (Ma) 
    • Microbiology (Mi) 
    • Powder Coating (Pc) 
    • Rotary Converting (Rc) 
    • Slitting (Sl) 
    • Sterile Bagmaking (Sb)

    For more information about 3M's technologies, visit our Technologies page.

In the Community

  • Community Involvement

    3M has a strong commitment to supporting activities and programs that contribute to the quality of life, locally and nationally. In Brookings, around the state, the nation, and the world, 3M donations and volunteers are at work. The Brookings plant makes numerous monetary and product donations to area schools, non-profit organizations, community events and cultural institutions. Support is focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, health and human services, environment, and arts and culture. 3M and its employees are also major contributors to the Brookings Area United Way.

    Enhancing our communities and making them better places is one of 3M’s core values. Our employees are dedicated volunteers in organizations that support Brookings and the surrounding area; they are members of area fire and rescue squads; they officiate and coach sporting activities; they are elected officials; they serve as leaders and volunteers for the United Way and other non-profit organizations. 3M employees are veterans of the armed services, and many serve in the National Guard. Several Brookings employees have been honored as recipients of 3M’s highest award for service leadership. Even in retirement, our employees donate time and energy in their communities.

    A partnership between 3M and Brookings area schools enhances local education with an emphasis on STEM and business subjects. 3M volunteers share technical and leadership skills with teachers and parents. Some of the educational events and organizations 3M supports include Project Lead the Way, Junior Achievement, Character Counts, Math Counts, National Engineers Week, It’s All About Science Festival and Youth Business Adventure (YBA).

    3M Brookings supports local higher education by offering student scholarships, internships, and post-graduation employment opportunities. Monetary contributions support South Dakota State University career exploration activities such as Engineering Expo, Girls Engineering, Science and Math Day, and the Computer Science Program Challenge. Collaborative efforts also exist with Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, SD and the South Dakota Education Campus at Brookings.


  • Community Life

    As a vibrant, growing community of over 20,000, Brookings offers an impressive quality of life. Ranked number five on the Top 10 Best Small Towns 2013 list on Livability.com and the fifth safest city in America by ADTsecurity.com in 2015, you’ll find a small-town environment that also offers amenities often reserved for big-city dwellers. Our community offers beautiful parks; fine lodging and restaurants; and recreational, cultural and educational opportunities for people of all ages.

    Brookings is home to diverse manufacturing facilities including 3M, Daktronics, Larson Storm Doors and Bel Brands USA to name a few. South Dakota’s business friendly policies continue to attract and grow quality businesses with good paying jobs.

    The Brookings School District offers exceptional educational opportunities and continues to meet the demands of a growing school system with its newest elementary school completed in 2015. We are proud to say that Brookings High School was listed among the Best High Schools in South Dakota by US News and among America’s Top High Schools in Newsweek. Children (and adults) can continue to learn while having fun indoors and outside at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota’s interactive exhibits.

    Brookings health care facilities offer excellent clinical, hospital, ambulance and retirement home services. The city-owned Brookings hospital broke ground on its 46 million dollar addition and renovation in July of 2015. Brookings health care professionals and specialists who commute from Sioux Falls provide quality care for their patients.

    Quality of life is enhanced greatly by the presence of South Dakota State University, the largest higher education institution in the state. SDSU’s 20,000 plus students contribute to the economic vitality of Brookings and the university provides numerous entertainment options including Division One athletic events and world-class theatrical and musical performances. The South Dakota Art Museum and South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum housed on the SDSU campus offer engaging exhibits.

    The Brookings area is known for its excellent hunting, fishing, and outdoor sporting activities. Brookings newest outdoor space, Dakota Nature Park offers opportunities to bicycle, kayak, fish, snowshoe, and cross country ski. The nearby Outdoor Adventure Center provides shooting sports. Hillcrest Aquatic Center offers countless hours of summer fun and Larson Ice Center accommodates winter skating sports enthusiasts.

    Here’s a link to the Brookings Community Guide:


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