3M™ Multi-Channel I/O Twin Axial Cable Assembly 8MS8 Series

  • 3M ID B5005311005
  • UPC 58887862437536,58887862437420,08887862437425,08887862437548,08887862437531,58887862437543

8M Series, x8 configuration

See 3M.com/SDS for regulatory information

PCIe® (85 ohm) applications

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Typical properties


  • 8M Series, x8 configuration
  • See 3M.com/SDS for regulatory information
  • PCIe® (85 ohm) applications
  • Signal wire size 31 AWG
  • Signal wire size 30 AWG (contact your local 3M sales representative)
  • Thinner than other similar AWG twin axial cables
  • Thin ribbon cable construction allows easy routing in dense servers
  • Extremely tight bend radius facilitates custom foldable ribbon construction enables unique packaging configurations
  • Standard lengths of 0.5m, 0.75m and 1.0m
  • Custom lengths and folding available

3M™ Multi-Channel I/O Twin Axial Cable Assembly is a family of cable assemblies including; x4 (38p), x8 (74p) connectors utilizing 3M™ Low Loss Twin Axial Cable 85 ohm, 31 AWG which is ideal for PCIe® applications.

3M™ Multi-Channel I/O Twin Axial Cable Assemblies are designed to support high density PCIe(R) applications and meet SFF-TA-1016 specifications. The thin, low profile Twin Ax cable allows for a wider range of routing options and supports extremely tight bend radii for each unique server configuration. Signal Integrity (SI) performance metrics are not degraded, even with multiple folds.


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