3M™ Advanced Polarizing Film (APF)

  • 3M Product Number APF
  • 3M ID B5005047084

Increase brightness over a wide viewing angle

Boost efficiency by as much as 30%

Enable thinner, lighter-weight designs

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  • Increase brightness over a wide viewing angle
  • Boost efficiency by as much as 30%
  • Enable thinner, lighter-weight designs
  • Enhance picture quality
  • Save battery life
  • Recycle light that would otherwise be wasted
  • Hard-coat layer protects against impressions from other backlight components
  • Reduce thermal load
  • More environmentally robust versus loose film

3M™ Advanced Polarizing Film (APF) is a family of polymer-based multilayer optical films that can be laminated to the rear absorbing polarizer within the backlight of an LCD. It is an on-glass reflective polarizer film that improves polarization efficiency by transmitting one polarization state and reflecting the other, recycling light back into the system, which increases brightness over a wide viewing angle. This increase in efficiency can be used to offset battery consumption and more in LCD applications.

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Multilayer construction

We combine functional layers to create one powerful solution.

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  • Best-in-class 3M™ Advanced Polarizing Film — where design meets efficiency

    Films with polarization control from 3M transmit the polarization of light that an LCD uses and reflect the polarization state it doesn’t back into the backlight where it bounces and returns. Some of this light has changed polarization and is transmitted to the LCD, resulting in less wasted light and a more efficient display.

    3M™ Advanced Polarizing Film is directly laminated to the LCD panel, which allows for smaller bezels and a more streamlined device design.

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