3M™ Hookit™ Film Sheet 375L

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Durable film backing is tear-resistant and provides a uniform finish

Flexible film sheet conforms smoothly to contours and rounded edges

Versatile abrasive suits many applications for woodworking and paint prep

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  • Durable film backing is tear-resistant and provides a uniform finish
  • Flexible film sheet conforms smoothly to contours and rounded edges
  • Versatile abrasive suits many applications for woodworking and paint prep
  • Premium mineral delivers a faster cut and extended life
  • Load-resistant coating and open coat construction help prevent clogging from dust and debris
  • Easy-to-use 3M™ Hookit™ attachment system enables quick product change-outs

3M™ Hookit™ Film Sheet 375L is made to deliver outstanding tear resistance, flexibility and consistent finish on a variety of substrates. The film backing conforms to contours and delivers a super smooth application that produces a highly uniform finish. Premium aluminum oxide grain offers a faster cut and extended product life over standard A/O mineral for greater productivity.

Tear-Resistant Film Achieves Superior Finish
3M™ Hookit™ Film sheet 375L is excellent for a variety of applications. In coarse grades, it is a great choice for demanding applications that require greater durability. For wood finishing, the 375L film in medium grades conforms well to the contours and rounded edges of challenging work surfaces to deliver a superior finish. Woodworking applications are further enhanced by a load-resistant coating and open coat construction, which reduce clogging and extend the life of the abrasive. For pre- and post-paint finishing, versatility is key, and 375L film in fine grades is designed to deliver a superb uniform finish on plastics and clear coat technologies commonly used in the transportation industry.

Learn more about 3M™ Woodworking Products (PDF, 20.55 Mb)

Achieve Consistent Results on Many Substrates
Film-backed abrasives have excellent tear-resistant properties and provide a very uniform finish and consistent results with each use. This makes them an excellent option when working on paint, e-coats, primers, gel coats, glass, acrylics and solid surface material, wood topcoats and anywhere else you need a quality finish every time.

Faster Cut, Longer Life
Premium aluminum oxide abrasive mineral is attached to 3M™ Film sheet 375L. Aluminum oxide is a popular choice among industrial professionals because of its fast cut-rate and long life. This mineral makes a tough, durable abrasive that self-fractures to expose fresh cutting edges, whereas traditional natural abrasives dull more quickly. Due to its fast cut-rate, hardness, and strength, it is widely used in grinding applications in addition to sanding and finishing applications. Aluminum oxide is suitable for a wide variety of materials in both woodworking and metalworking, including ferrous alloys.

The Convenience of 3M™ Hookit™
The Hookit™ hook-and-loop feature makes sheet attachment, removal, and re-attachment clean and easy, and facilitates use and re-use of the sheet for the full extent of its abrasive life. Hookit™ sheets have J-shaped hooks of the type most commonly used in everyday hook-and-loop applications. Hookit™ sheets grip the brushed nylon loop backings of 3M™ Hookit™ disc pads, file shoes and blocks. It's simple: just set the sheet in place and start sanding. The sheet removes just as cleanly and easily. The Hookit™ system is designed for work spaces and applications where adhesive backed sheets may become contaminated by dust, dirt, or flying debris.

3M Technologies Deliver Optimal Performance
3M™ Film Sheet 375L line of products was created with the commitment to help customers achieve superior productivity and performance while improving ease of use. 3M™ Hookit™ Film Sheet 375L is a convenient, reliable, high-performing, and long-lasting solution for many different applications, and is a great example of how 3M technologies enhance industrial productivity. Designed as the ultimate versatile solution, 375L film abrasives redefine what's possible and deliver the superior sanding capabilities that 3M customers world-wide have come to expect.

Learn More about the 3M™ 375L Line (PDF, 3,31 Mb)

Selection Guide Substrate Application Metal Type
  Product Mineral Type Backing Weight Load-Resistant/
Grinding Aid
Gel Coat
Solid Surface
Primer/Paint Prep
Carbon Steel
Non-Ferrous (Brass/Bronze)
Stainless Steel
Good NX Aluminum Oxide Paper C/D Y            
216U Aluminum Oxide Paper A Y      
255L Aluminum Oxide Film Film Y      
426U Silicon Carbide Paper A Y                    
  202DZ Aluminum Oxide Cloth J N                
UPGRADED! 236U Aluminum Oxide Paper C Y      
Better 348D Aluminum Oxide Cloth X N              
  360L Aluminum Oxide Film Film N                
  363I Aluminum Oxide Paper F N            
NEW! 375L Aluminum Oxide Film Film Y      
Best 366L Aluminum Oxide Film Film Y        
735U Blended Ceramic
Aluminum Oxide
Paper C Y        
777F Blended Ceramic
Aluminum Oxide
Cloth Y Y            
900DZ Ceramic Cloth J N            

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