Standard Abrasives™ Silicon Carbide HD Unitized Wheel - 500 Series

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Soft density silicon carbide wheel blends surfaces to a fine finish

Soft density offers exceptional conformability which is especially important for applications with close tolerances

Cuts faster than Standard Abrasives™ Buff and Blend non-woven products, though with less flexibility

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  • Soft density silicon carbide wheel blends surfaces to a fine finish
  • Soft density offers exceptional conformability which is especially important for applications with close tolerances
  • Cuts faster than Standard Abrasives™ Buff and Blend non-woven products, though with less flexibility
  • Silicon Carbide mineral is suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including exotic metals and titanium, as well as composites
  • Runs clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing greater flexibility and versatility when paired with tools and machines
  • Open web is load resistant, contributing to longer abrasive service life
  • Open web features nylon strands that will not melt or smear when heated, reducing potential for unwanted marks and blemishes
  • Center hole wheel attaches to tool with a unitized wheel mandrel (sold separately)

Wheels in the Standard Abrasives™ Silicon Carbide HD Unitized Wheel - 500 Series have a soft, conformable density, making them a good match for light-pressure blending, finishing and polishing on flat or contoured parts. When strict tolerances are required, these non-woven abrasive wheels offer operators the finesse needed to deliver precise results.

Soft Density Silicon Carbide Wheel Polishes with Precise Results
Among Standard Abrasives™ Unitized Wheels, the 500 Series provides the softest density, and is available in medium (MED) and fine (FIN) grade silicon carbide (S/C). The combination of soft density and sharp-cutting S/C mineral makes these wheels a good match for applications where a fine finish is more important than cut, such as polishing fillet areas on jet blades and soft metals prior to the coating process. Due to their conformability, these wheels are great for projects with strict tolerances, because they respond to surface irregularities without gouging or undercutting the part. After prolonged use, the wheel may be dressed to maintain its shape.

The Standard Abrasives™ Silicon Carbide HD Unitized Wheels come in two options. Type 532 is an excellent choice for finishing applications. The Type 524 wheel is designed to better suit light-weight blending applications by constructing it with a higher density of MED grade S/C grain throughout the web material, resulting in a slightly more aggressive product.

Compatible with a Variety of Tools
Unitized wheels are typically used on a right angle grinder. A benefit of unitized wheels is that they are bi-directional and can be mounted on a tool or pedestal grinder without regard to the direction of the spindle rotation. This means the Standard Abrasives™ Unitized Wheel can be used with a variety of tools, and regardless of which way the workpiece is fed through the machine, the wheel will be able to respond, giving operators more flexibility. The stiffness of the unitized construction enables operators to use thinner wheels to access awkward angles with grinding tools.

Series Standard Abrasives™ 500 wheels comes in a range of diameters from 1-12" and require a unitized wheel mandrel (sold separately) for attachment to the tool. Quick change wheels are also available (sold separately).

Non-Woven Unitized Construction Offers a Step Up in Density and Durability for Stubborn Surfaces
Standard Abrasives™ Silicon Carbide HD Unitized Wheels are a great match for tough deburring, cleaning, blending and finishing applications. They come in a broad range of densities and grades to suit different metals, the degree of aggressiveness required, shape of the part, and desired finish. Although used for some of the same tasks as Standard Abrasives™ Buff and Blend products, they are designed with a far stronger and denser construction to support more aggressive applications and accomplish material removal more rapidly. Even though unitized wheels are much stiffer products, the non-woven nylon fibers of the wheel maintain the advantage of responding to surface irregularities while preserving the geometry of the piece, and produce a consistent finish.

Unitized wheels are created by starting with layers of open web material that combines non-woven fiber strands and abrasive mineral with a tough resin bond. These layers of web are then cured and compressed together. By fusing layers of open web, the abrasive gains more toughness and durability, so it can withstand repeated wear.

Ultimately, the wheel's durability is what makes it such a good match for edges. The wheel is tough enough to complete high-pressure edgework without tearing or otherwise disintegrating. Regardless of the diameter or thickness of the wheel, it maintains its structural integrity to remain a stiff and long-lasting abrasive even under high pressure. Additionally, as the layers wear, the wheel can be dressed to maintain its shape.



          Unitized Wheel Line
  500 Series 600 Series 700 Series 800 Series 900 Series
Product Applications
Deburr   631 731 821 913, 993
Clean 521 631 731   921
Blend 524 631   821 921
Finish 532 632 732   921
Performance Characteristics
Increase Durability - More productivity and longer lasting
Increased Edge Durability  
Non-woven Construction - Resists loading
Non-metalic - No contamination of work piece
Smear Resistant Formula
Conforms to Work Piece - Prevents undercutting/gouging; less operator fatigue
Aluminum 731 821  
Stainless Steel
High Nickel/Chrome Alloys
Titanium 532 632 732    


Load-Resistant Construction Boosts Life and Performance
Standard Abrasives™ Unitized Wheels are load-resistant to keep you cutting with fresh mineral. The gaps in the open web allow unwanted swarf to escape. Consequently, less debris clogs the abrasive, so the mineral can stay fresh, keep cutting sharp and deliver a consistent cut over the life of the product. As the fibers break down and fresh mineral is exposed, it reduces the likelihood of dull or blunt mineral smearing the surface, contributing to cleaner surfaces and less re-work. Furthermore, manual fatigue that may result from applying heavy pressure to a dull abrasive is reduced.

The Many Benefits of Standard Abrasives™ Non-Woven Products
Standard Abrasives™ Unitized Wheels offer many benefits for heavy-duty jobs. For all the aforementioned reasons, Standard Abrasives™ Unitized Wheels invigorate deburring, cleaning, blending and finishing applications by helping operators reduce finishing steps, minimize costs and achieve greater throughput.

Learn more about Standard Abrasives™ coated, bonded & non-woven products (PDF, 2.94 Mb)





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