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Fuel the future

From electrolysis to cryogenic storage to fuel cells and beyond, we’ll help you optimize and scale your hydrogen technologies.


Advanced solutions for the hydrogen economy

  • As industries worldwide seek sustainable alternative energy solutions to meet 2050 climate goals, hydrogen technologies have made monumental strides in recent years. Despite this, major obstacles remain towards establishing a large scale hydrogen economy: controlling hydrogen production costs, enhancing storage efficiency, extending fuel cell service life and more.

    See how you can tackle tough challenges across the hydrogen value chain. Boost your green hydrogen production with the help of our catalyst powder*, which is currently being developed for PEM water electrolysis. Enhance thermal efficiency in your cryogenic hydrogen storage tanks with insulative fillers that can offer key advantages over perlite. Extend fuel cell service life with the help of ceramic fibers capable of withstanding extreme thermal cycling.

    Combining deep experience across energy sectors with global coverage, source of supply and engineering support, 3M offers collaborative solutions drawn from dozens of technology platforms. We’ll help you fuel the future.

  • *This is an experimental or developmental product that has not been introduced or commercialized for general sale, and its formulation, performance characteristics and other properties, specifications (if any), availability, and pricing are not guaranteed and are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.
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Let's fuel the future

The hydrogen economy is booming - learn how we can work together towards a cleaner, better world.

Explore hydrogen technology applications

  • Unlock cost-effective, low-carbon hydrogen production. 3M offers advanced materials for PEM electrolysis, alkaline electrolysis and other applications. We’ll help you lead the clean energy transition.

  • Enhance thermal efficiency and minimize boil-off rates in your cryogenic hydrogen storage tanks. 3M™ Glass Bubbles provide stronger insulation and durability than perlite at a fraction of the weight.

  • Hydrogen fuel cell technology has come a long way in a short time. Explore scientific details, primary applications and key decarbonization benefits of this vital clean energy technology.

The hydrogen value chain and ecosystem

  • Hydrogen value chain and ecosystem icons
    • The hydrogen value chain comprises five main stages:
    • 1. Energy source: The energy used to produce hydrogen. Chief sources are natural gas, renewables and nuclear.
    • 2. Production: Methods of making hydrogen, labeled by color. Methane steam reforming (gray and blue hydrogen) and methane pyrolysis (turquoise hydrogen) use natural gas as a feedstock. Water electrolysis can be powered by renewable energy (green hydrogen) or nuclear energy (pink hydrogen).
    • 3. Transforming: Converting raw hydrogen into a usable form via gas separation, compression, liquification and other processes.
    • 4. Storage and distribution: Global, regional and local networks designed to get hydrogen where it’s needed, plus the fueling infrastructure and cryogenic storage tanks needed for end use.
    • 5. Hydrogen use: The vast world of hydrogen applications, from fuel cell vehicles and urban heating to steel production, ammonia production and more.
    • At every stage, deep knowledge of materials science is key to optimizing efficiency and providing long term reliability. 3M is constantly exploring solutions to help you tackle tough challenges from hydrogen production to storage to usage and beyond.

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    Our commitment to hydrogen and renewable energy technologies

    • 3M has long been a leader in hydrogen technologies. 3M™ Glass Bubbles have been used by NASA for years in their cryogenic storage applications, and our nanostructured catalyst powder was made possible through decades of research and generous support from the U.S. Department of Energy. Download the timeline (PDF, 116 KB).
    • Hydrogen technologies are one way 3M is empowering customers to help them meet their climate goals. Our solutions — from renewable energy to vehicle electrification, energy efficiency, waste reduction and more — can help you deliver scalable impacts in critical industries. Read the 3M 2023 Global Impact Report (PDF, 10.2 MB).
    • We’re currently applying longstanding expertise in membrane separation technologies to explore applications in low-carbon energy separations. Membrane separations are established technologies across numerous sectors — many of which 3M helped advance. They have potential to help optimize and scale up decarbonization technologies including renewable fuel and carbon capture. Contact us to learn more.

Helping you power the hydrogen economy

3M has a long history of innovation in hydrogen technologies. Our engineers will collaborate bench-to-bench with you to address your precise design needs.