• At home and on the road

    Chip Foose, legendary automotive designer and 3M™ Window Film user

    Chip Foose and the gift of 3M Window Film

    • What if you could give the gift of warmth? Or the gift of safety? How about the gift of lower energy bills? Or even the gift of longer-lasting furniture? The great news is, you can. Whether it’s for their car or home, when you give someone professionally-installed 3M™ Window Film, they get practical benefits that go well beyond simply making their home or car more attractive.

    • automotive window film to keep your car cooler and safer

      Whether it’s to celebrate a holiday, special occasion or virtually any time of the year, there are several types of residential and automotive 3M™ Window Films to choose from—so you can give the perfect gift.

      Keeps cars and homes cooler. 3M™ Window Film rejects the sun’s heat to help keep interiors comfortable. That means lots of pleasant drives any time of the year, and no surprises in the utility bill at home.

      Protects the most expensive investments. By blocking damaging ultraviolet rays, 3M™ Window Film can help keep leather car interiors looking new for miles. At home that means upholstery, furnishings, flooring and window treatments will stay new-looking longer.

      Safe at home and away. By blocking up to 99% of ultraviolet rays, 3M™ Window Film can help protect drivers, riders, couch potatoes and sofa surfers from harm from the sun.

    • window film on residential homes and auto vehicles to protect security

      An added layer of security. 3M™ Window Film can slow down someone trying to enter a vehicle or home, which could help reduce losses from smash-and-grab type break-ins.

      Wish you could get that special someone a shiny new car with a bow on it? While that may not be in the budget, you can help make their current vehicle feel like new with the improved appearance or increased comfort and security that 3M™ Automotive Window Films provide. They’re available in a variety of tints to suit any taste—including leaving the appearance of the vehicle virtually unchanged.

      Because they’re professionally installed, these auto and residential window films are backed by 3M, so your gift is guaranteed to perform to the highest standards.

      Simply put, 3M™ Window Films are the gift that will be appreciated all year long. But don’t take it from us. Take it from legendary automotive designer and 3M™ Window Film user, Chip Foose.