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Case Study: Hillandale Farms Builds Brand Awareness with Fleet Graphics

  • Hillandale Farms, a family-owned and operated egg producer with multiple locations throughout the country, is one of the nation’s leading egg suppliers and the largest in New England. For over 60 years, they’ve focused on quality and service to deliver the finest eggs to retailers and distributors throughout the region. To meet this high standard time after time, the Hillandale Farms team is actively involved in every aspect of the production and distribution of their eggs, from the farm to fork — making transportation essential to their operations.

    Hillandale Farms operates a fleet of approximately 250 trailers to transport their eggs throughout New England, from Maine all the way down to the Carolinas. A significant percentage of their vehicles — approximately 40 trucks and 100 trailers — primarily travel along major highways and through large cities as they make deliveries from Connecticut to Maine.

  • The Opportunity

    As a family-owned operation in Ohio that is locally well-known for their products, Hillandale sought to expand their brand recognition into the New England market. Their large fleet presence in the region offered the perfect opportunity to build brand familiarity and make Hillandale Farms a household name. For Dan Tegolini, Regional Director of Sales at Hillandale Connecticut and his team, the decision to wrap 40 trailers with the Hillandale Farms brand was easy. Until this point, the fleet displayed the brand of a third-party carrier.

  • hillandale farms commercial truck driving down a highway

    Aligning on the Right Message

    This project called for the replacement of an existing brand with Hillandale Farms’ messaging and graphics. But before they could get started wrapping any trucks or trailers, Dan and his team knew it was critical to decide what message they wanted to share to make a lasting impression. To accomplish this goal, they decided to include two key phrases in their graphics — “Family Owned and Operated” and “Local People, Local Hens, Local Eggs.”

  • Finding the Right Graphics Partner

    Once they agreed on the messaging, they needed to find the right partner to install the graphics on their vehicles. Hillandale Farms is a complex business. Sometimes trucks need to go out for unexpected deliveries. Seasonal fluctuations in demand — particularly during holiday seasons — require the company to be flexible and nimble when they’re planning their transportation logistics. So, the project team needed to work with a graphics provider who could be just as flexible as they were. They found the perfect partner in Mike Faucher and the team at Vomela Companies.

    Working together, the Vomela team determined that 3M™ Premium Film products were the perfect solution. Considerations that went into the decision were a combination of key priorities: durability to withstand harsh road and weather conditions, vibrant and precise color matching, and easy installation — all backed by the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.

    From the beginning, Vomela and 3M were extremely responsive to Hillandale Farms’ goals and requirements, and were quick to adapt when schedules or plans shifted. The team also took a hands-on approach in the installation and looked for ways to improve their process. This approach resulted in the continuation of their wrapping project with 40 more trailers sporting the new graphic wraps. They couldn’t be happier with the appearance of their fleet.

    “The graphic wraps are very high quality,” says Dan. “You can wash them a hundred times and they still look good. You can go with a cheaper product, but you’ll pay for it one way or another. These high-quality graphic wraps stand the test of time.”

Hillandale Farms branded on the back of a commercial truck bed
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