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    Touch without smudging.


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    3M trifecta - light orange/yellow mesh
    Touch without smudging.

    Helping to keep your touchscreen clean with through a powerful coating.

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    • Cleaning cell phones

      Compared to washing your windows, the touchscreens in your life can seem so easy to clean. Although they're all made of glass or glass-like substances, touchscreens can have the advantage of 3M™ Novec™ Electronic Grade Coatings to help stay clean and high-performing. These coatings are designed to repel oil-based substances, like those that your fingers naturally leave behind, as well as water-based substances like sweat and spills. The liquid beads up on your screen's surface rather than spreading out over it, so that cleaning is more like sweeping off droplets than sopping up a puddle.

      Effective cleaning isn't the only reason companies use a Novec coating. It also has low toxicity and low environmental impact, helping to keep the workers that use it and the world we all live in safer.

      Novec fluids aren’t just used for screens. In fact, related Novec products of the coating could be used to clean the chips inside it after they were fabricated, or could even provide cooling or fire protection to the data center that's allowing you to read this article.