• A Better Prototype. A Better Product

    • At 3M, we know our products are only as good as the design that brings them to life. That's why, when we're developing new software for the health care industry, we begin by going to the end-the end user, that is.

      Because if you really want to know how something works, ask the people who use it day in and day out.

      Along with marketers and developers across our business groups, our design team works hand-in-hand with medical professionals and end users from the beginning of software development to the rollout of the final product. We go on site and observe clinicians interacting with software solutions. We track their click paths. We record their experiences. We identify their pain points.

      Then we use everything we’ve learned to adapt UX design processes for building out a software prototype addressing their specific, nuanced needs and challenges.

      But that's still only the beginning. We bring the prototype back to our end users for a test drive, and we continue to make revisions, refine processes and make ever more subtle adjustments until we-and the end users-are satisfied.

      By integrating our design team and developing products in direct conjunction with the end user, we're able to push the boundaries of software development to create solutions that help improve lives. The journey to enhance quality outcomes is never-ending; a design thinking approach to health care innovation continues to recycle attentive process around comprehensive testing, agile software development, and reduction of time to implement new ideas in the most effective way possible.