3M Infrastructure and Networking Solutions

  • Whether your data center is in the cloud or on a campus, global or local, commercial or governmental, there are three things that matter most: speed, reliability and sustainability. How do you satisfy all of these concerns today while preparing your data center for the future?

    3M is prepared to help you keep your data center up and running – efficiently and effectively – through the use of our innovative solutions and products. We work closely with you, helping to find ways to make your systems operate quicker, less-expensively and with less down time.

3M Solutions for Data Center Infrastructure and Networking

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    Speed & Performance

    3M Data Center Solutions are designed to deliver fast performance, quickly. From high-speed connectivity solutions that reduce power usage to field-terminated fiber connectors that enable fast, onsite installation to modular fiber management systems that provide scalability for your fiber network, 3M Data Center Solutions can expedite deployment while improving your bottom line ASAP.

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    Uptime & Reliability

    The demand for data is exploding. And it isn’t going to stop. Customers expect data centers to perform like utilities. Which is to say, reliably, all the time, without interruption. Because if they do go down, the effects can be catastrophic. Just minutes of downtime can cost thousands or even millions of dollars. The reasons for data center downtime are many, including overheating servers, fires, interruption of power, operator error and security breaches. 3M Data Center Solutions can help with all of them. Because the data world waits for no one.

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    Efficiency & Sustainability

    On average, only about half the energy used by data centers actually powers the servers and storage. So how can you reduce the waste and increase efficiency? One way is to spend less energy cooling the servers. Another is to use products that are more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable in the first place. The kind you’ll find at 3M Data Center Solutions.

Creating Green Data Centers

From more efficient products to helping protect the environment, 3M is innovating with your needs in mind. We’ve actively pursued the development of products that enable our customers to reduce their impact on the environment while reducing our own, as well. Along with working with communities, developing product solutions is a key component of 3M’s sustainability strategy and our portfolio is a living example of our expertise in inventing for a better tomorrow. This same commitment extends to 3M’s data center portfolio – we offer products that enable you to become better environmental citizens.

  • From its inception, 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid was designed to address the global demand for a sustainable clean agent. It is effective at extinguishing fires and is not targeted for emission reduction, phase-out or phase-down. Novec 1230 fluid offers the sustainable clean agent properties you need.

  • 3M’s filters use both mechanical blocking and electrostatic technology to capture particles throughout the full depth of the filter, resulting in:

    • Low pressure drop design helps reduce energy consumption
    • Longer filter life helps reduce waste

Protect What Matters

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    Clean Agent Fire Suppression using 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

    With the demand for data exploding, data centers face ever-greater challenges. Customers expect data centers to perform like utilities. They expect 24-hour reliability, without interruption. Just minutes of downtime can cost thousands or even millions of dollars. A small fire in critical facilities with sophisticated electronics can result in catastrophic loss by interrupting vital operations and damaging high-value equipment. In these situations, it is important that fires be extinguished quickly and without damaging what’s being protected. Today, more and more IT professionals are turning to advanced fire suppression clean agent 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.

    Download the Novec 1230 Fluid Brochure (PDF, 1.39 MB)
    Learn about Novec 1230 Fire Protection


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