Fluorinert Electronic Liquids

  • Fluorinert product bottle

    3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquids

    • Turn down the heat and turn up the performance.
    • 3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquids are dielectric fluids for heat transfer and immersion cooling. Thermal management applications include semiconductor wafer manufacturing, electronics reliability testing, data center server immersion cooling and many other high technology applications.
      • High dielectric strength
      • Non-flammable
      • Non-corrosive
      • Low toxicity
      • Wide temperature operating range
      • High thermal and chemical stability
      • Good materials compatibility
      • High purity
    • Fluorinert liquids are perfluorocarbons (PFCs) which are engineered to do all of this and more. They offer a wide margin of worker safety, especially compared to mineral oil, silicone oil, trichloroethylene (TCE) and methylene chloride (MeCl).

Advanced chemistry. Applied to keeping things cool.

  • Operating Temperature Chart
    Fluorinert Electronic Liquids have a wide operating range from -65° C to 205° C.

    3M made history in the 1950’s by developing dielectric fluorochemical heat transfer fluids for direct contact cooling of high performance military avionics. In 1982, Fluorinert liquid became the first immersion coolant used in supercomputing when incorporated into the Cray-2 design. Today, our fluorinated liquids are critical to the manufacture of semiconductor wafers, the testing of advanced electronics and many other high technology applications.

    Science with the environment in mind
    At 3M, we’re committed to responsible product lifecycle management. When you need to recycle fluid, we provide a free Used Fluid Disposal Program through Clean Harbors Environmental Services (PDF, 96.1 KB).

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  • Data center storage stacks
    Server immersion cooling

    Data centers form the backbone of today’s wired world. Supercomputers enable high speed computing applications like advanced research and cryptocurrency. Air cooling these powerful servers comes at a high cost — fans and chillers consume enormous amounts of electricity, negatively impacting our environment and your bottom line. Immersion cooling with Fluorinert electronic liquids can drastically cut energy costs and at the same time increase server density, shrinking data center size.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing plant
    Semiconductor manufacturing

    Semiconductor manufacturing requires precision. Very small temperature variations may have big impact on yield. Compared to aqueous coolants like deionized water, Fluorinert electronic liquids offer wider operating temperatures, require less maintenance and will not damage electronic equipment or wafers if a leak occurs.

  • Bullet train in station
    Power electronics

    Voltage-changing power electronics are used in high performance applications like "bullet" trains. Power inverters, thyristors and variable-speed drives are cooled by heat transfer fluids. Fluorinert electronic liquids give you the ability to uniformly and efficiently cool these devices through single-phase and two-phase immersion cooling. They offer wide operating temperature ranges and have materials compatibility, and are an excellent alternative to air, water and oil-cooled systems.

  • Female scientist inspecting circuit board
    Electronics reliability testing

    Fluorinert electronic liquids have high dielectric strength, making them a suitable choice for electronics reliability testing. Hermetic packages can be tested electrically and physically (leak testing) while energized and immersed in the liquid. Tested devices dry quickly with no residue or post-test cleaning required. Fluorinert electronic liquids meet military standards and specifications.

  • Fighter jet in-flight
    Military and aerospace

    Mission-critical electronics are highly sensitive, requiring efficient and reliable cooling for peak performance. Fluorinert liquids are non-flammable and maintain low viscosity and high heat transfer over a wide operating temperature range. Fluorinert liquids remove design constraints by eliminating the need for fans and cold plates. A considerable reduction in component bulk and weight can be realized by using Fluorinert liquids in avionic spray cooling systems.

  • Sample placed on microscope slide
    Life sciences

    Diagnostic equipment, secondary loop and pharmaceutical freeze drying applications also benefit from the unique benefits of 3M heat transfer fluids. Unlike solvents and oils typically used in these applications, Fluorinert liquids are non-flammable and have a high margin of worker safety. In microfluidic devices, Fluorinert liquids are inert to biologic reagents and enable the formation of aqueous emulsions that have high gas solubility for unperturbed cellular respiration.

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