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Drive the future of electrification

For delivery trucks, buses and more, electrification is the way forward. 3M provides practical, efficiency-enhancing solutions to help you tackle tough EV design challenges and optimize your production.


Commercial and specialty vehicle ePowertrain solutions

With emission regulations tightening and numerous tax credits and spending to support zero emission vehicles on the horizon, electrification is not an option but a necessity for commercial vehicles to maintain a competitive edge. But designing EV batteries, ePowertrains and skateboard chassis for light duty passenger vehicles is one thing. Scaling those designs for medium duty and heavy duty trucks, buses, vans and other electric fleet vehicles is another challenge altogether.

Deliver powerful, reliable and scalable EV designs with advanced materials from 3M. We’ll help you solve EV challenges related to thermal management, thermal runaway, battery assembly and electrical insulation. Boost your ePowertrain power density while controlling NVH. Discover new design and manufacturing possibilities with structural adhesives tailored to precise OEM and Tier specifications.

As you drive the future of commercial vehicle electrification, 3M will be by your side from design to delivery and beyond.

Rethinking the assembly line: the next generation of electric commercial vehicle manufacture

For over a century, the assembly line has been an icon of efficiency and innovation in the automotive industry. But it’s not the only way. Electric trucks, buses and vans are typically produced at far lower volumes than other vehicles, through a variety of cutting-edge processes beyond traditional assembly line manufacture.

3M provides solutions to help you lead the next generation of electric commercial vehicle manufacture on or off the assembly line. You can save costs, scale your designs to multiple vehicle classes and optimize your production at low volumes.

  • 3M™ Friction Shims

    Save component costs and unlock design freedom. 3M™ Friction Shims can help you strengthen your chassis and powertrain joints by enabling small bolts to handle the same shear forces or torque loads as far larger, heavier bolts. You can scale your designs and accommodate various manufacturing processes with no expensive redesigns required.

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  • 3M™ Friction Shims

Explore solutions for your commercial vehicle EV application

  • Electric vehicle chassis for eMobility
    EV Battery and ePowertrain

    Enhance your next EV battery and ePowertrain design. 3M can help you tackle tough challenges related to thermal runaway propagation, battery assembly and disassembly, eMotor assembly and more, and optimize your throughput. We combine established, world-class expertise in lithium-ion battery technologies with a century of experience in the automotive industry.

  • Automotive chassis

    EV chassis are built on a foundation of strong joints, scalable designs and cost-effective production. 3M can help you strengthen your skateboard chassis designs to support heavy battery packs, achieve battery underfloor integration and scale your designs to various commercial vehicle classes. Lightweighting, controlling NVH and streamlining assembly are just a few additional possibilities.

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Designs to electrify your fleet

Whether you need a specific solution or a spark of inspiration, we’ll work with you to understand and address your precise EV design and production requirements.