About 3M Cleaning & Protecting

  • Cleaning is a dirty job, but someone has got to do it… fortunately 3M Science has your back for even the toughest jobs, as well as helping prevent those big stains and messes.

Cleaning & Protecting Product Categories

  • 3M has many different kinds of cleaning supplies to make sure you can tackle every kind of clean.

  • Whether in the kitchen for wiping counters and cleaning appliances, or in your bathroom's hard-to-reach places like shower tile and under the toilet rim, you get the job done right because we know clean feels good.

  • Make cleaning easier by keeping your hands out of the mess.

  • Protectors and sealers repel what you want to keep out — spills, stains, and liquids – and preserve what you want to keep.

  • Fight dirt and grime in the kitchen with sponges, brushes and scouring pads – or take that sponge and attack dirt and grime in your whole house.

  • Whether you’re moving furniture, keeping it in place or cutting out the clatter of cupboard doors, find the perfect product to protect the surfaces in your home.

Cleaning & Protecting Brands

  • Scotch-Brite™ Brand tools can help you keep your home comfortable, inviting, and clean. We believe caring for your home is a way of caring for your life and that’s why we offer a breadth of home-care solutions for every room in your home. Scotch-Brite™ Brand: set the stage for a brighter home life.

  • For decades, we’ve been celebrating everyday ingenuity by inventing products to help fix, ship, mount, make and create. For every problem, there’s a solution. For every project, there’s the Scotch™ Brand.

  • Whether it’s the rug in your first apartment or the perfect pair of boots, Scotchgard™ Brand is there to protect the things that are important to you by helping to keep them useful and beautiful. We’re here when you need us – so you can stop worrying about the next spill, stain, or splash and start living happily ever after.

  • We never shy away from the dull or the routine but find a way to make them interesting. That’s why we put vibrant colors and patterns on our sponges, because we believe the world is a little more interesting when everyday objects receive inspired consideration. From sponges to dishwands and scour pads, ocelo™ products add a sparkle to kitchens through new and seasonal designs.

  • Green Leaf with Rain Drops

    3M has been a leader in Sustainability for decades. We have delivered significant reductions in waste, water, energy, and GHG emissions in our own operations, and we are partnering with our suppliers to ensure our values transcend into our supply chain.

    In the Consumer Business, 3M is working to make our products, manufacturing operations, and packaging more sustainable.

    • Did you know that Post-it® Notes are made in our Cynthiana, Kentucky plant, which is a zero waste to landfill site?
    • Have you ever heard of a "circular economy?" In a circular economy, products/packaging are made, used, recycled, and then made into something new. 3M supports circular economy principles by using post-consumer recycled content in our products and packaging when possible.
    • Did you know that 3M leverages green chemistry principles when designing our products?

    To learn more, please visit our 3M Consumer Sustainability website!

Need Help Finding the Cleaning & Protecting Product?

3M’s technical service representatives are available to assist customers in using and applying 3M products in the most effective way possible. They assist with employee training, locating prices, consult regarding product efficiency, and respond to any issues in the application of 3M products.