Mid-century modern community space renovated with natural architectural finishes

Our New 2024 Architectural Finishes


More colors. More patterns. More design inspiration.

With 900+ patterns to choose from, 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes offer more ways to remodel, refresh, and reuse interior spaces. Create stunning interiors that embody the beauty of natural elements without sacrificing your creative vision.

  • Bold color architectural finishes in bedroom
  • Rolls of architectural films with bold colors in earthy tones
    Designs inspired by nature

    Transform interior spaces with sustainability in mind. Introducing the new 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes E-Series RC Recycled Content* Film. This new series offers beautiful earth tones created in part from scallop shells and recycled polyester, bringing inspiration from the sea to your walls.

Created in part using bio-based filler and recycled materials.

  • Colored architectural films next to scallop shells
    Scallop shell

    The colored layer of this film is made with 20% scallop shell powder as a bio-based filler.

  • plastic bottle next to a roll of DI-NOC Architectural Film
    Recycled PET resin

    The base film layer is made with 80% post-consumer recycled polyester.

  • Pile of recycled paper next to a roll of 3M Architectural Film
    Recycled paper with biomass ink

    The release liner is made from 40% recycled content and printed with ink containing 10% biomass materials.

Explore our most recent collections.

  • The E-Series RC Recycled Content* Film offers clients more options as they pursue their sustainability goals. This is achieved by incorporating beautiful earth tones created in part from seashells and recycled polyester, bringing a bit of the sea to your walls.

  • The E-Series PO Polyolefin Film collection offers an alternative for those that seek to go further. Find your own way and make a statement through our variety of patterns and textures.

  • Extend the life of your designs in heavy traffic areas with this revolutionary series, a solution tailor-made for spaces affected by the burdens of wear and tear.

  • Bring new life and color quickly to your tiled walls. TIL Series is designed for tiled wall applications surfaces, such as bathrooms. You can update the look of existing tile surfaces with minimal facility disruption.

  • Various wood-textured architectural finishes

    Step into a world of creative possibility, where nostalgia, resilience, and comfort converge to inspire your visionary designs. Our collection includes a range of looks from common to rare woods species, inviting guests into an atmosphere of warm comfort.

  • Various metal-textured architectural finishes

    Attain your design vision with our ‘Metal Series’. Create more sophisticated spaces with process driven metal surfaces that achieve authentic expressions without the extra cost and maintenance. It's your choice. It has been expanded to include the latest trends via vibrational texture, optical mesh, oxidized metals.

  • Various stone-textured architectural finishes

    Make your luxurious design vision come true and within budget with our latest Stone Collection. We seamlessly blended captivating details that feel like they were extracted directly from nature.

  • Various concrete and stucco textured architectural finishes
    Concrete and Stucco

    Bring out the artist inside you and make your vision come true with our Concrete & Stucco collection, where we seamlessly blend captivating natural elements. Our designs include multiple handcrafted finishes, inviting guests into an atmosphere rich in the traditions of craftsmanship.

Discover our 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes Sample Book

  • View or download the digital PDF version of our most recent 3M™DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes sample book.

  • Check out our NEW interactive digital catalog! This is more than just a PDF. With a bunch of new features including a keyword search function, ability to bookmark pages and to add notes, share with others and more.

Inspirational scenes

  • Mid-century modern lounge renovated with natural architectural finishes

    1. PW-2325MT  2. PS-2401MTRC  3. AE-2508  4. ME-2564  5. ME-2551  6. ST-2536MT  7. VM-2364  8. PS-2402MTRC

  • Modern coworking space renovated with bold colors and natural architectural finishes

    Coworking Office:
    1. ME-2554  2. DW-2473MT  3. ME-2559  4. PS-2403MTRC

  • Minimalist retail space renovated with metallic architectural finishes

    1. AE-2500MT  2. VM-2363  3. PS-2406MTRC  4. ME-2552  5. ME-2551

  • Modern cafe refreshed with DI_NOC architectural finishes

    1. DW-2481MT  2. AE-2506  3. ME-2564  4. PW-2322MT  5. ST-2538MT  6. AE-2500MT  7. ME-2562

  • Elevator hallway refreshed with metallic architectural finishes

    Elevator Hall:
    1. VM-2364  2. PW-2322MT

  • A mix of wood and bold color architectural finishes in a residential bedroom.

    1. PS-2402MTRC  2. DW-2473MT
    3. PS-2400MTRC  4. PS-2405MTRC
    5. PS-2401MTRC  6. PS-2403MTRC

  • Large reception area finished with various colors and textures of architectural finishes

    1. AE-2506  2. AE-2503  3. ST-2533MT
    4. VM-2361  5. ME-2562  6. PW-2322MT
    7. ST-2534MT

Various new DI-NOC finishes laid in an overlapping pattern
Experience a New Look and Feel

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  • *E-Series Recycled Content Film has a base film layer made with 80% post-consumer recycled polyester and a colored layer made with 20% scallop shell powder as a bio-based filler.