Flat lay mood board on peach background featuring samples of various patterns and textures of 3M Surface and Glass Finishes applied to shapes of various sizes.

Interior spaces, reimagined.

3M™ Architectural Finishes, 3M™ Graphic Films and 3M™ Window Films allow you to create stunning transformations to existing interior spaces using a variety of finishes, graphics and window films. Without traditional limitations, you can unleash your creativity and achieve your design vision.

Choosing the right product for your interior spaces.

There are thousands of colors, textures and applications to choose from, giving you endless opportunities to reinvent interior spaces.

  • Architectural finishes can transform any surface with colors, patterns or textures. For a decorative or functional upgrade, 3M Glass Finishes can help you manage light and create stunning spaces.

  • Flexible and conformable, our 3M Graphic Films can help you create head-turning designs for any interior wall or surface. As a cost-effective alternative to painting, use it to communicate a message or reinforce the brand experience.

  • Let in the right amount of light, manage privacy and security, and keep interiors comfortable. 3M Window Films have a variety of practical applications as well as aesthetic uses that let you manipulate the light in a space to create the desired effect.

Image of modern office conference room featuring warm colors, stone floors and greenery.

Interior Inspiration
  • Ready to see how others are transforming interior spaces using 3M™ Architectural Finishes? Our Inspiration Gallery is sure to inspire new ideas for your next design project.

  • Modern, hotel lobby interior featuring stone & metallic 3M Architectural Finishes and a plant-filled window.
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Creating sustainable beauty for interiors.

Rather than fully replacing fixtures, surfaces, and windows, you can reuse existing structures and create a dramatically different space more sustainably using 3M™ Architectural Finishes.

Discover sustainability benefits
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