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Be 3M: Corporate Code of Conduct

Great companies are built on trust

  • The Code of Conduct positions 3M for long-term growth and binds us together as 3M employees — across business groups and across geographies. We’ve earned trust — from our customers, shareholders, employees, and communities — and a reputation for integrity over many decades, and no one at 3M is free to compromise it.

    We have one Code of Conduct that applies to our 92,000 employees in over 70 countries. Our Code of Conduct summarizes 3M’s compliance principles and raises awareness about how to do business the right way, at all times and at every site. The Code of Conduct is our guide, answering questions and providing direction when the right choice may not be clear.

    3M’s Code of Conduct defines the expectations for how we work:

    • Be Good
    • Be Honest
    • Be Fair
    • Be Loyal
    • Be Accurate
    • Be Respectful

Key impacts in 2022

  • Ethics & Compliance Week

    All over the world, we held Ethics & Compliance Week events to further build employee engagement around the Code of Conduct and doing business the right way. These events engaged employees in business divisions and corporate functions across all levels of seniority in discussions and presentations related to our culture of compliance.

  • Training and education

    3M offers a comprehensive online compliance training program to employees worldwide. Employees are assigned training modules based on their role and area of responsibility. Most courses are mandatory for approximately 50,000 global employees. Our 2022 on-time completion rate remained strong at 99%. We continue to leverage training data, including performance scores and post-course survey inputs, to shape future training needs. 

  • Data analysis and metrics

    We created enhanced Ethics & Compliance metrics dashboards for analyzing emerging issues across different employee populations (e.g., seniority, tenure, location, etc.). New dashboards were created for third-party due diligence and business courtesies (e.g., gifts, entertainment, and meals). We monitor metrics to inform our investigations and prioritize program evaluations.

    We continued to evolve our third-party due diligence program by integrating the platform into 3M’s customer relationship system and onboarding processes, creating a globally consistent diligence process, simplifying the user experience, and improving controllership.

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