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Greetings from 3M Brownwood

  • 3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, we have worked to improve daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. We have made driving at night easier, made buildings safer, and made consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment. We even helped put a man on the moon.

    Every day at 3M, one idea always leads to the next, igniting momentum to make progress possible around the world.

    3M Brownwood, Texas

    3M Brownwood is a leading manufacturer of reflective sheeting for highway signs, license plates, protective clothing and security laminates throughout the world.

    Our first priority is the safety of our employees, maintaining a long history of superior performance. In fact, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has recognized 3M Brownwood for its superior environmental management efforts.

    We take pride in the wide variety of 3M technologies used to manufacture a complex product offering. Mechanical, industrial and chemical engineers are employed throughout the plant to manage these technologies, and new product and process introductions are a routine part of how we do business. Lean Six Sigma methodologies are utilized to generate improvements, and everyone in the organization plays a significant role in our continual improvement

    3M Brownwood Facts (Year-End 2013)

    • Manufacturing began in 1965
    • Plant size: 910,000 sq. ft.
    • Site size: 163 acres
    • Number of divisions served: 9
    • Number of product SKU’s: > 22,000

    History of 3M Brownwood

    1963 – Brownwood selected as a 3M manufacturing site
    1964 – Plant construction began
    1965 – Manufacturing began
    1967 – First major expansion
    1974 – Second expansion to 450,000 sq. ft.
    1979 – Third expansion to 600,000 sq. ft.
    1989 – 3M Club House and Health Facilities built and dedicated
    1993 – Bead Area Emission Control Equipment installed
    1994 – Prismatic Microreplication Facility construction began
    1996 – Prismatic Microreplication Facility opened
    1996 – Press Expansion construction began
    1997 – Personal Safety Manufacturing Facility construction began
    1998 – Press Expansion completed
    1999 – Signing Sheeting Super Sealer completed
    1999 – Personal Safety Manufacturing Facility completed. Plant size: 816,000 sq. ft.
    2005 – 40th Anniversary Celebration held at the facility
    2006 – Prismatic Microreplication line II completed
    2006 – Awarded Platinum Level Member of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s “Clean Texas Program”
    2007 – Awarded Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s “Texas Environmental Excellence Award”
    2009 – Prismatic Microreplication line IIl installed
    2010 – 45th Anniversary
    2014 – MRX1 Disruptive Technology Upgrade
    2015 – 50th anniversary Celebration held at the facility

In the Plant

At Brownwood, we make a wide variety of reflective sheeting and reflective cloth. We also make security laminates and world-class inks. A short list of the products made in 3M Brownwood includes:

  • Prismatic Reflective Sheeting 
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Fabric and Films for industrial, commercial and consumer garments 
  • 3M™ License Plate Sheeting 
  • 3M™ Confirm™ Security Laminate 
  • 3M™ Piezo Inks for Commercial Applications 
  • 3M Crystal Silk

We extrude, coat and convert these products using a wide variety of technologies throughout the plant. Ultimately, these products go into industrial, commercial and consumer applications around the world for a broad range of customers.

  • Technologies

    3M Brownwood is home to a number of innovative technologies, including:

    Microreplication (Mr) 
    Imaging (Im) 
    Polymer Melt Processing (Pm) 
    Vapor processing (Vp) 
    Adhesives (Ad) 
    Solvent based coating 
    Water based coating 
    Inspection and Measurement (In)
    Light management (Lm)
    Specialty materials (Sm)
    Vapor processing (Vp)
    Polymer processing (Pp)

  • Supply Chain

    World-wide global logistics / distribution
    Global sourcing
    Supplier quality management (TQRDC)

  • Operational Excellence

    Lean Six Sigma
    Integrated Lean Management System
    New Product Introduction
    EHS expertise
    Documentation Control Systems

In the Community

  • Community Involvement

    3M Brownwood supports educational, health, social services and other programs through partnerships, contributions and volunteerism in Brownwood and surrounding communities.

    Charitable Organizations Supported by 3M Brownwood:

    • Boys & Girls Club*
    • Boys/Girls Scouts
    • Junior Achievement
    • Texas State Tech College Board*
    • United Way Board*
    • Chamber of Commerce*
    • Good Samaritan
    • Brownwood Economic Development
    • Lions Club*
    • Volunteer Fire Departments
    • Brownwood Family Services Center*
    • Brown County Home Solutions*
    • ARK Domestic Shelter*
    • Brownwood Women’s Committee
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters*
    • T.R. Havens State Prison
    • R.J Juvenile Correction Facility
  • 3M Brownwood Life

    We welcome you to Brownwood, Texas!

    The Brownwood / Early area is a community of over 20,000 people, located 20 miles from the center of Texas. There are also a number of smaller communities around Brownwood which are supported by 3M Brownwood. We have a warm, low-humidity climate, and our employees enjoy many outdoor activities on a year-round basis. As with many smaller cities, Brownwood is a great place to live, work and raise a family, and the typical commute to work is five minutes or less. Our employees appreciate the ability to work for a world class manufacturing company while living in a small city in a great climate.

    Brownwood has a hometown feel in a community which supports technological and educational advancement. Institutions of higher learning include Howard Payne University and Texas State Technical College in Brownwood as well as a Private Baptist University. There are also numerous elementary schools and two high schools located in Brownwood. Brownwood boasts a 650 employee hospital along with a number of other clinics in the area.

    The Lake Brownwood recreational area is located about 20 minutes from Brownwood. It features boating, water sports, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities, including four golf courses for virtually year-round golf. Abilene, Texas, a town of 150,000, is an hour to the northwest of Brownwood, and Brownwood is situated about three hours from Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.

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