3M™ Glass Bubbles HGS7K32

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Mid-range Glass Bubble

Small particle size

Best strength to density ratio

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Typical properties


  • Mid-range Glass Bubble
  • Small particle size
  • Best strength to density ratio
  • Newest technology
  • Prevents or minimizes fluid loss/lost circulation and formation damage

The 3M™ Glass Bubbles HGS7K32 is used for down hole applications for cementing and drilling fluids.

What are Glass Bubbles?
3M™ Glass Bubbles HGS Series are engineered hollow glass spheres made from water-resistant and chemically-stable soda-lime-borosilicate glass. The use of our HGS series glass bubbles, as density reducing agents in well construction applications, offer the potential for:

  • Reduced Non-Productive Time (NPT)
  • Improved well integrity
  • Increased well productivity

When drilling and cementing across highly depleted zones and weaker formations, low density systems are required to prevent or minimize fluid loss/lost circulation, formation damage and other problems associated with excessive overbalance conditions. Glass bubbles from 3M offer stability by maintaining target pressures with greater reliability throughout the drilling process. Minimizing the differential pressure (bottom hole pressure minus reservoir pressure) is essential for the success of any drilling operation.

Glass Bubbles in Cementing
When added to light weight cement slurries, glass bubbles HGS7K32 help prevent problems associated with excessive overbalance, including reduced top of cement (TOC) and thus the need for remedial squeeze. Additional benefits include the potential for:

  • Reduced wait-on-cement
  • Reduced need for multi-staging

When compared with other microspheres, cementing with HGS7K32 glass bubbles in shallow to intermediate depth wells offers:

  • Consistency batch-to-batch and location-to-location
  • Greater density reduction capacity (cement slurry density values below 9 lb/gal (1.1 Kg/l) have been achieved)

Glass Bubbles in Completion and Workover Fluids
The use of light weight completion and work-over fluids made with glass bubbles HGS7K32 help reduce and control the bottom-hole pressure, offering the potential for reduced fluid loss and lost circulation — as well as preventing or minimizing formation damage. Our glass bubbles in completion and workover fluids are:

  • More economical and allow for a greater density reduction window than synthetic oils
  • Compatible with both water based and oil based systems
  • Resistant to harsh downhole conditions

Repeated Use Increases Efficiency, Saves Money
The durability also allows for possible reconditioning and reuse of lightweight fluid to help reduce costs; this is achieved with our glass bubbles HGS7K32 — an economical product that is compatible with both water and oil based systems. The durability also allows for possible reconditioning and reuse of lightweight fluid to help reduce costs. The tiny bubbles remain dispersed in water, or oil-based control fluid for repeated use.


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