3M™ Calcium Hexaboride Powders

  • 3M ID B49000154

Does not reduce electrical conductivity of copper

Exhibits outstanding heat resistance

Good chemical resistance

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  • Does not reduce electrical conductivity of copper
  • Exhibits outstanding heat resistance
  • Good chemical resistance

3M™ Calcium Hexaboride Powders are excellent deoxidizing agents for copper refining. Calcium hexaboride (CaB6) is the only material known that does not reduce the electrical conductivity of copper during the deoxidizing process, even when it is used in relatively large amounts.

Excellent Copper Refining Performance
3M™ Calcium Hexaboride Powders are engineered for excellent performance in copper refining applications, as they do not reduce the electrical conductivity of copper when added to melt. Copper melts must be deoxidized shortly before casting, but it is critical to maintain the physical properties of the alloy – particularly its high electrical conductivity.

Protection against Aggressive Alloys and Chemicals
As an antioxidant, 3M calcium hexaboride protects unfired magnesium oxide bricks and other carbon-bonded refractory components against very aggressive alloys. 3M calcium hexaboride powders can also be used in the production of wear-resistant components, or in protective boride coatings that resist wear from aggressive chemicals, extreme heat and high pressures. While metallic additives are very common, our ceramic antioxidants have proven to be more effective at prolonging the service life of carbon bonded refractory materials.

About 3M Advanced Ceramics
These advanced ceramic products are manufactured at ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facilities. Our manufacturing processes are optimized for quality, efficiency and consistency – helping ensure reliable and repeatable product performance. We have more than 85 years of experience in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge ceramic solutions, and we continually work to develop new applications for ceramic materials in cooperation with our customers and with research institutions.


  • Deoxidizing agents for high-conductivity copper
  • Antioxidants for unfired, carbon-bonded MgO bricks used in steel production
  • Wear protection for plant and industrial equipment

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