3M™ Flexible Diamond Sheet 6451J

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Diamond mineral abrasive provides fast, consistent cut

Open dot construction helps minimize loading, prolonging abrasive life

Multiple patterns are available for applications where loading, fine finishes and stock removal are special concerns

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  • Diamond mineral abrasive provides fast, consistent cut
  • Open dot construction helps minimize loading, prolonging abrasive life
  • Multiple patterns are available for applications where loading, fine finishes and stock removal are special concerns
  • Metal bonding adds durability and long sheet life
  • Sheets may be cut and converted to fit unique project needs

3M™ Flexible Diamond Sheet 6451J features micron-graded diamond particles which are metal bonded to a low-stretch backing. Three available open dot patterns are available for various stock removal and finishing requirements. Sheet 6451J is designed for use on hard-to-grind materials.

Designed for Grinding Jobs Requiring Strength and Support
Combining the strength of a hard mineral abrasive and a low-stretch water resistant backing, our 3M™ Flexible Diamond Sheet 6451J is built for achieving refined finishes. These sheets are most suitable for finishing on hard-to-grind surfaces including thermal sprays, carbides, composites, chilled iron, non-ferrous metals and glass. It is available in a range of micron grades for a variety of uses.

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3M™ Flexible Diamond Belts and Rolls
3M ID Backing Type Description
6003J VF Very flexible backing; available in rolls only.
6450J C More flexible than Type G. Best construction for short belts. Suitable for slack belt operations, such as glass seaming, hot roll finishing. Weldlok splice.
6451J G Low stretch, for use with contact wheels. Suitable for roll grinding. Use for roll finishing when closer caliper splice is required. Weldlok splice.
6454J V2S Most flexible backing. Used for lighter duty applications, such as blending and finishing contours.
6456J YFB Least amount of stretch of all backings. Excellent water resistance. Very close to zero caliper splice, for centerless finishing where caliper control is important. Use in roll form for superfinishing.
6457J VF Very flexible backing with moderate stretch. Ideal for use on contoured surfaces. Weldlok splice.

3M Flexible Diamond Abrasive Configurations
3M™ Flexible Diamond 6456J is built for processes requiring precision and excellent dimensional tolerance, such as centerless grinding and superfinishing.

Our Open Dot Pattern: What Does it Mean?
The open dot pattern on each 3M™ Flexible Diamond abrasive product means that the diamond mineral particles are adhered to the backing in a series of small dots. This is designed to provide aggressive cutting action while also allowing consistent space for evacuation of stock particles during use, helping reduce loading and prolonging the life of the abrasive surface without sacrificing cut rates.

3M™ Flexible Diamond Belt 6451J is available in three open dot patterns for a range of uses. Pattern 18 is a small dot pattern equating to 25 pellets per inch our B2 Pattern has medium dots with 17 pellets per inch, and is designed to deliver an aggressive cutting action with improved coolant flow and increased swarf removal. Pattern 21 is offered for grades 250µ and 300µ only. It utilizes larger dots to assist in applications where high stock removal is required and loading is an issue. Generally, the smaller dot patterns will be the least aggressive and produce finer finishes, whereas the larger dot patterns will be more aggressive for stock removal.

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Better Science for Better Sanding from 3M
Part of the 3M portfolio of Superabrasives, our 3M™ Flexible Diamond Sheet 6451J is an outstanding example of how 3M applies science to the lives of professionals in a range of specific industries where excellent grinding and finishing are critical. From its hard diamond mineral abrasive to its stretch- resistant, waterproof backing, it is built by 3M to help businesses like yours operate faster, better and more efficiently.

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