Scotch® ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 976

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Provides good adhesion with a low profile

Offers high solvent, humidity and moisture resistance

Bonds on contact to a variety of substrates, including foams and plastics (ABS, acrylic, PP, PE) and other difficult to stick to substrates

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  • Provides good adhesion with a low profile
  • Offers high solvent, humidity and moisture resistance
  • Bonds on contact to a variety of substrates, including foams and plastics (ABS, acrylic, PP, PE) and other difficult to stick to substrates
  • Strong alternative to staples, liquid adhesives and glue guns

Scotch® ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 976 is ideal for bonding materials with glossy coatings where an aggressive adhesive with high initial adhesion and low profile is desired. It offers very good relative chemical and moisture resistance as well as medium-high UV resistance. Reverse wound on 1-inch diameter core for use in Scotch® ATG Applicators.

Adhesive Transfer Tape
Adhesive bonds on contact for a reliable hold
Offers Very High Adhesion and Good Shear Holding Power
Scotch® ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 976 bonds a wide variety of materials including plastics, glass, paints and materials with glossy surfaces. Very high initial adhesion creates an immediate, permanent bond that provides good solvent and UV resistance. The tape features 2 mil tacky adhesive mounted on a densified kraft (DK) paper liner. The acrylic adhesive can stick to difficult, varied and textured surfaces, including areas with high humidity and exposed to sunlight. It is ideal for use in low profile applications on difficult-to-bond-to surfaces including glossy coated materials, fabrics, textiles and textured surfaces.

Recommended Applications
  • Attach fabric swatches in sample books
  • Assemble point-of-purchase displays
  • Bond trim strips to furniture or luggage
  • Bond labels to plastic toys
  • Attach gaskets or foams

Neat, Precise Application with High Performance
Our Scotch® ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 976 (PDF, 18.39 Kb) features 3M™ Adhesive 300, which affords excellent quick tack and bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals, high surface energy (HSE) plastics and low surface energy (LSE) plastics. This acrylic Adhesive 300 has been tested to ASTM procedures for peel adhesion, temperature and humidity as well as resistance to UV, fuels, acids and detergents. The high tack adhesive is also tested for adhesion on a range of surfaces including polypropylene, polyester, ABS, polycarbonate and stainless steel.

Understanding the Scotch® ATG System
Scotch® ATG system has proven to be the go-to adhesive solution since the early 1970s. For light and heavy industrial applications, the Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicators are convenient, reliable, versatile tools capable of attaching a wide range of materials. With no cure time, the adhesive instantly bonds long, large and small surfaces. As a portable, hand-held solution, it can apply tape to any shape or form, even from an uncomfortable position, while allowing your free hand to hold the part.

ATG Applicator
Scotch ATG 700 provides convenient, fast, one-hand application
With Scotch® ATG Applicators, a touch of the finger triggers a quick, controlled application of Scotch® ATG Transfer Tape at the same time as the liner rewinds into the applicator. There is no mess and no cleanup. 3M advanced acrylic adhesive bonds on contact and is formulated with a choice of properties including high temperature resistance, acid free, general purpose and high initial adhesion.

The ATG system is a cost effective and more productive replacement to many double-sided tapes, tape applicators, as well as adhesive dots, staples and liquid adhesives. This applicator allows the ATG liner to rewind into the applicator as the adhesive is applied for hassle-free operation that eliminates messes and clean-up.

Click here for more information on 3M Design Solutions. (PDF, 45.87 Mb)

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