3M™ Pak 100 Polarized Wiremount Socket, CHG Series

  • 3M ID B00038601
  • UPC 00054007665908,50054007663626,50051138288131,50054007619869,50054007677111,50054007627253,50054007628588,00054007796572,50051138336498,50051138336573,50054007796560,50051138336535,00051138336554,00054007626459,00051138336592,00054007625520,50054007746329,50054007619838,50054007796584,00054007746324,50054007669611,00054007619840,50054007665897,50054007626454,00051138405731,00054007665892,00054007619833,50054007619845,00054007627258,00054007669616,00054007796589,50054007665903,00054007628583,00054007677116,50054007796577,50054007625525,00054007619864,50051138336597,00051138336578,50054007668300,00054007619826,50051138405736,00051138336530,50051138336559,00051138336493,00051138288136,00054007665885,00054007668756,00054007663621,50054007619852,50054007619814,00054007619062,50054007663619,50054007663213,00051138336509,50054007619067,00054007619857,50054007665880,50054007668751,00054007621812,50054007619821,00054007663218,00054007619819,00054007663614,50051138336504,50054007621817,00054007796565,00054007668305

Military/DIN 41612 compatibility

For more Information refer to Data Sheet TS0192 (TS-0192)

Two row, polarized body

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Tech Data Sheet (PDF, 362KB)


Typical properties


  • Military/DIN 41612 compatibility
  • For more Information refer to Data Sheet TS0192 (TS-0192)
  • Two row, polarized body
  • Mates to 3M long latch/eject headers and plugs
  • 12 standard sizes, 10-64 positions
  • Twin slot IDC provides four points of contact
  • Exclusive L/H 4-wipe contact
  • 3435-0 keying plug is optional - order separately
  • Accepts discrete wire or notched ribbon cable
  • See Regulatory Information Appendix (last page of Tech Data Sheet) for chemical compliance information

CHG Series, .100" Wiremount Socket, IDC, Polarized, Two Row


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Brands 3M™
Compatible Wire Type Discrete Wire
Connector Style Receptacle
Current Rating 1.5 A,1.0 A
Factory ISO Certification No ISO Certification information available
Features Closed End, Polarizing Key
Insulation Color Gray
Insulation Material Glass Filled Polyester (PBT)
Mating Contact Finish Material Gold
Mating Contact Finish Thickness (Imperial) 30 µin
Mating Contact Finish Thickness (Metric) 0.76 µm
Maximum Conductor Size (Imperial) 22 AWG, 26 AWG (Solid & Stranded)
Maximum Conductor Size (Metric) .14 mm² (Solid & Stranded)
Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius) 105 ℃
Minimum Operating Temperature (Celsius) -55 ℃
Number of Contact Rows 2
Number of Contacts 50 , 14 , 10 , 40 , 64 , 20 , 34 , 60 , 24 , 26 , 16 , 30 , 54
Overall Height (Imperial) 0.6 in
Overall Height (Metric) 15.24 mm
Overall Length (Imperial) 0.725 in, 0.68 in, 2.025 in, 1.025 in, 3.025 in, 0.825 in, 2.525 in, 1.525 in, 1.725 in, 1.325 in
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