3M™ Molded Assembly 2M Series

  • 3M ID B00035047
  • UPC 50051111905635,50051119921699,50051111903297,50076308972481,00051111049730,00076308097424,00076308102302,50051119937362,00051111930021,00051111625170,50076308102314,00051119923575,50076308105148,50076308105940,00051131120198,00076308971014,00076308103460,50051111625175,00051119921700,00076308099039,00051111903308,00051119916874,00051111632406,50076308102307,00051111905173,00076308710910,00076308105556,00051119937367,00051131120181,50076308102819,50051111905178,50051131120155,50051111940896,00076308100704,00076308099022,50076308103465,00076308972486,50076308097429,00051111470053,00051131121782,00076308971700,50051111632623,50051111947321,00051111054031,50051119934880,50051119921729,50051111903303,50051131121992,50051131124467,00076308102319,50051119936655,50051111905161,00051111903292,50076308104943,00076308105945,50076308098525,00051111905630,50076308102123,50051111930057,00051119939682,00051131121157,00076308104245,50076308099027,50051131121787,00051119929874,50051131121152,50051131120186,50051119938369,50051111470058,00051131120150,00051111940891,00051111947326,50076308100693,00051119938364,50076308099034,50051111632401,50051131120209,50076308710915,50051119921705,10051111905170,00051131120204,50051119923570,50076308104240,00076308105112,50051119939687,00051119921694,50076308971019,50051119929879,00051119934885,00076308102128,00051111905166,50051119916879,00076308104948,50051111930026,00051119921724,00051111632628,00076308098520,50051111054036,50076308100709,04046719050932,10051131120188,00051131121997,50076308971705,00076308100698,50051131120193,00051111930052,00051131124462,00051119936650,50076308105551

Excellent for robust long-term connections in high-vibration environments

One-piece design shields against elements

Molded-in strain relief creates low height profile for space savings

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Typical properties


  • Excellent for robust long-term connections in high-vibration environments
  • One-piece design shields against elements
  • Molded-in strain relief creates low height profile for space savings
  • Available in multiple pin counts and orientations for versatility
  • Compatible with standard 2mm x 2mm headers and board patterns
  • Cables are available for use in high flex applications
  • Modular tooling allows customized designs

3M(TM) Molded Assembly 2M Series is designed for applications requiring durable, reliable connections even in high-vibration and harsh environments. These molded cable assemblies feature a rugged one-piece design and engineered materials contacts for extraordinary durability. Integrated cable strain relief and closed connector ends create a tight connector, in addition to a low-profile height allowing for more connections without added space.

The one-piece interconnect eliminates the need for spare parts and greatly reduces the possibility of dirt and moisture entering through the connector. 3M molded cable assemblies offer sockets that mate with standard 2mm headers and plugs. 3M Molded Assembly 2M Series when paired with 3M™ High Flex Life Cable can be used in printers, computer peripherals, medical machines and other applications requiring up to millions of cycles. 3M Molded Assembly 2M Series connectors can be customized to meet customer specific requirements. Optional pull tabs help prevent damage to cables and connectors during unplugging, making disassembly easier for reconfiguration and repair.


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