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5 Products

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3M™ ThermaVolt Insulating Paper 3M™ CeQUIN Insulating Paper 3M™ ThermaVolt Insulating AR Paper 3M™ TufQUIN Insulating Paper 3M™ Flame Barrier FRB
3M Electrical Insulating Paper
Refined and Field Proven

The most rigorous applications call for proven insulating and protecting products. 3M™ Electrical Insulation products are performance engineered to perform under some of the toughest conditions.

  • 3M Electrical Insulation Paper

    3M offers a wide range of electrical insulating paper products that have been refined, tested and proven in the lab and the field – from use as high-temperature electrical insulation in transformers, motors and generators to use as flame barriers in lighting and household appliances.