3M Film Cutters for Post Factory Installations

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6 Products

3M™ Knifeless™ Tape Bridge Line 3M™ Knifeless™ Tape Finish Line 3M™ Knifeless™ Tape Perf Line 3M™ Knifeless™ Tape Design Line 3M™ Knifeless™ Tape Precision Line 3M™ Knifeless™ Tape Tri Line
black car wrapped in print wrap film using knifeless tape for install design

Changing the Installation Experience

Precisely and efficiently cut through film without a knife and without surface damage to create a clean line with 3M™ Knifeless™ Tapes.

The 3M Knifeless Tapes Lineup


  • close up of knifeless tape on a car window install
    Get a line on trimming.

    Our #1 product set the new industry standard for finishing vehicle graphic installations without a blade.

  • knifeless tape being used on an install for a car door wrap
    Get a line on bridging gaps.

    Create evenly cut graphics bridging from one panel to the next for a professional finish.

  • knifeless tape between window graphic and rubber
    Get a line on perforated window films.

    Easily cut a uniform margin between window graphic and rubber molding.


  • knifeless tape leaving a clean line on an auto wrap film install
    Get a line on creativity.

    Flexible tape and filament is engineered to easily create highly contoured designs and leave a sharp, clean edge.

  • knifeless tape on a race stripe graphic wrap install
    Get a line on striping.

    Unique, triple-lined tape ensures accurate, consistent stripe width from one end of the car to the other.

  • knifeless tape being used on a car wrap install
    Get a sharper line on tougher films.

    Ultra-fine, ultra-sharp filament cuts reflective, metallic, chrome, dry-erase, 3M™ DI-NOC™ films, overlaminates, paint protection film*, plus many other vinyl and non-vinyl films.

    3M™ Knifeless™ Tape Precision Line

    *3M recommends test and approve with a cover tape when using Precision Line Knifeless Tape while cutting paint protection film. Refer to product bulletin for more information.

Quick reference usage guide

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knifeless tape usage reference chart