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3M™ Flame Retardant Additive FR-2025 3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4432, 30 gal container (250 lb, 113 kg) 3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4432, 2 oz sample 3M™ Easy Clean Coating ECC-6000 3M™ Easy Clean Coating ECC-1000
3M Fluorochemical Products and Solutions
Practical by nature

Fluorine’s unusual properties power a hard-working class of chemicals that provide answers to many of the world’s most difficult challenges.

When it comes to versatility, we’re in our element

Need to keep surfaces free of unsightly stains? Maximize natural gas production? Lay down a perfectly smooth coat of paint? It may surprise you to learn that fluorochemicals are the key to making these and many other useful things happen – thanks to their ability to form compounds with an almost limitless array of unique properties.

3M helped pioneer the science of fluorochemistry more than 60 years ago – and we’re continuing to find new ways to put these amazing materials to work. For example, our compounds are enabling freer-flowing paints and coatings; reducing hazardous sulfuric acid mist in copper production; keeping surfaces looking new for longer; and stopping water from blocking natural gas wells.

3M fluorochemicals are engineered for high purity, performance and sustainability – including our next-generation C4 chemistry, offering a favorable safety and environmental profile for its intended uses. Whatever your application, you can rely on 3M fluorochemicals to provide a practical, reliable and cost-effective solution.

  • These high-performance alternatives to hydrocarbon surfactants provide excellent wetting, spreading and leveling properties to improve performance of paints, coatings, resins, inks, adhesives and more. Based on next-generation C4 chemistry.

  • Additives for protecting a wide variety of hard surfaces, including stone, concrete, unglazed tile and terracotta, against stains and soiling. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • A fluorochemical additive that helps suppress sulfuric acid mist during the electrowinning stage of copper production. Reducing airborne acid mist helps protect equipment and improve the working environment.

  • Adds flame retardant properties to polycarbonate at low usage levels, without the use of synergists. Can be used to produce an optically clear, haze-free grade of polycarbonate for extrusion and molding.