• In the dark about auto tint laws?

    Automotive window tint film on driver window

    What are your state's window tint laws?

    • Tinting your windows can offer you numerous benefits such as increasing your comfort, safety, and the aesthetics of your vehicle. With everything window film can do, it can sound too good to be true. So what’s the drawback you might ask? Well, depending upon the darkness of the film, tinting your windows can cause poor visibility for drivers and law enforcement officials to see inside your car. That is not to say all window tint is too dark; this is simply why auto tint laws exist. Legal limits on the extent to which a vehicle’s windows can be darkened is determined by each state. However, it can often be difficult to understand these laws, so we’re here to break down some of the terminology for you.

    The higher the number, the lighter the film: Visible Light Transmitter

    Window tint laws by state - front side windows

    Window tint laws by state - back side windows

    Window tint laws by state - rear window

    • When looking into auto tint laws, you will see the term VLT% or Visible Light Transmission. VLT% is the percent of visible light that can pass through the window film. For example, a film that allows for 35% VLT film will appear much darker than one that allows for 90% VLT. A good way to remember this relationship is the higher the VLT%, the lighter the film will appear. Additionally, we are seeing more and more vehicles with factory glass that is already coming with some tint. This is why it is also important to know the Net VLT% which refers to the VLT% of the combined film and glass.

      With all of the recent crackdowns on illegal window tinting, you can make sure your vehicle is (or will be) in compliance with your state’s current automotive window tint law by visiting the International Window Film Association US State Window Tinting Law Summary Chart (PDF, 88.95 KB) or contacting a Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer who has the knowledge to help make sure that you are in compliance with your state’s current laws.

      Other then aesthetics, many consumers install dark tint for the higher heat rejection levels. It used to be that darker tint rejected more heat, keeping your vehicle cooler in the hot summer months. 3M Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series is a proprietary multi-layer optical film that combines over 200 layers of nano-technology in a film that is thinner than a Post-it® Note. This unique technology is the reason a clear film can reject more heat than darker films. With tint levels ranging from light to dark, the Crystalline Series can help you meet local tint laws, obtain the look you want and get the benefits of heat rejection. Contact a certified 3M Crystalline Dealer to experience the benefits of Crystalline.