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3M Knifeless Tapes

  • Cuts like a knife. Only better.

    Click the red dots to explore more.

    Click the red dots to explore more.

3M™ Design Line Knifeless Tape

Create unique striping, accents and designs with sharp, clean edges.

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3M™ Bridge Line Knifeless Tape

Achieve clean and uniform cuts in wide gaps between doors, fenders and more.

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3M™ Perf Line Knifeless Tape

Easily cut a uniform margin between window graphics and rubber moldings.

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3M™ Finish Line Knifeless Tape

Turns easily in any direction to follow contours, curves and edges around the car.

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3M™ Tri Line Knifeless Tape

Create pinstripes, gaps and butt seams that rival using a knife or plotter.

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Installation and Removal Tools

No blade. No damage. No worry.

Precisely and efficiently cut through graphic film without a knife and without surface damage to create a clean line.

The 3M Knifeless Tapes Lineup

Classic Series

Design Series

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Knifeless Tape Usage Guide

View the Knifeless Tape Brochure (11.84 MB)

Want to learn more on how to use 3M Knifeless Tape? Look at our quick reference usage guide below.

3M Knifeless Tape Instructional Videos
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