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Federal Government Procurement

No matter where you work in government, procurement should be pain-free.

  • We agree.

    As a busy federal government contracting specialist or purchasing agent, time is everything. For years, we’ve worked with government agencies to create a broad range of purchasing options that simplify the purchase of 3M products by the government.

    In some cases, all it takes is a few clicks to procure what you need tomorrow.

    And wherever we could, 3M has done the work for you. We’ve developed a procurement “toolbox” that you can use to find and purchase products for your agency’s needs.

    From flexible contracts with agencies that give you easy access to everyday products to direct sales channels, 3M offers numerous options for finding and procuring what you need.

    Explore several procurement options below.

  • contracts to procure your 3M products

    Using existing contracts to procure your 3M products is convenient, quick and straightforward.

    We work with General Services Administration (GSA), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure that many of the products you use every day are on contract.

    We also make sure your favorite 3M products are available via contract through a long list of commercial distributors or retailers that serve government customers.

  • procurement for small business agencies
    Small Business Government Contractors

    When you want to build relationships with or order through any of the small and disadvantaged companies who sell to the federal government, we have your back. Currently, you can procure 3M products from organizations that include:

    • Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
    • Small Disadvantaged Business
    • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVO)
    • HUBZone Program
  • procurement for ability one: community-based nonprofit
    Ability One

    You may have heard of AbilityOne, one of many community-based nonprofit organizations across the country. We work directly with AbilityOne to bring you hundreds of 3M products. Many of our products are available under the SKILCRAFT brand, and through numerous distribution outlets managed by AbilityOne.

  • distribution through estabilished and trusted companies
    Distribution and Retail

    Buying through established and trusted companies ensures that you’ll consistently experience high-quality, successful transactions. You can easily “shop” a growing number of channels to find and order your 3M products. Through speed and efficiency, our partners pride themselves in getting your orders right the first time.

  • direct sales, working side-by-side to procure your 3M product
    Direct Sales

    Sometimes, when procuring your 3M products, your best option may be to work side-by-side with our direct sales group. Here, we can help you solve vexing supply chain needs and complex purchasing requirements to deliver what you need efficiently and quickly.

    Through years of federal government experience, we’ve fine-tuned and perfected our processes to focus on your needs.

  • prime vendors, authorized to purchase on the government's behalf
    Prime Vendors

    We also work closely with numerous prime vendors that are authorized in writing to purchase on the government’s behalf directly from 3M.

    Through working with prime vendors, you can select the best channel partner to obtain exceptional prices and best-in-class service when procuring your 3M products.

  • Local Manufacturing

    To provide short delivery times, maintain lower supply chain and logistics costs, and support the U.S. economy, many 3M products are produced in over 40 local manufacturing plants throughout the United States. Also, many 3M products comply with government contract country of origin laws and 3M is equipped to respond to requests for government contract country of origin information for individual products, upon request by our customers.

  • Prime Contractors

    We also work closely with Prime Contractors who purchase 3M products for use in their government solutions, whether as materials or as finished goods. Purchasing through distribution or direct from 3M, we make sure these critical products are available to keep you in production.

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