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Professional firestop training

Every year, firestop system testing becomes more rigorous, and building codes more demanding. If you are involved in the application of fire protection products into listed systems, you can't afford to be uninformed. 3M can help you become a firestop installation expert.
Whether you're new to firestopping or a seasoned pro, 3M has a training resource designed for your needs. See below for descriptions of our three training program levels and additional accreditations.

Firestop Training

  • Level 1: 3M™ e-Train Firestop Online Training

    e-Train is 3M Fire Protection's comprehensive online education program, designed to provide users with general firestopping information and trade-specific installation details. e-Train provides a wealth of information – from firestopping basics and system nomenclature to detailed installation techniques. The program's high-quality videos highlight proper installation techniques in a broad range of systems.

    Users that review course content and pass a course assessment are eligible to become "3M Trained" in one or more of the following fire protection categories: Through Penetrations, Telecom & Data, Construction Joints or Flexible Wrap Systems.

    e-Train Program Benefits:

    • A comprehensive on-line firestop training program offering relevant information to those involved in firestop installations.
    • Get three years of comprehensive online firestop training and access. Simply register and sign on to e-Train with your unique user id and password.
    • Access to a video library showing proper firestop system installations.
    • Pass a course assessment to become "3M Trained" in Firestop Applications.
    • User can train at their own pace, reducing the need to coordinate large group training sessions.

    BICSI recognizes the following Continuuing Education Credits (CECs) for 3M™ Fire Protection Products Training for completion of these courses:

    RCDD: 3 credits
    INSTALL: 3 credits

    The Introduction to Firestopping and Telecom/Data courses need to be completed to receive CEC credits. You must complete both courses and achieve a test score of 90 percent or higher to be able to print your 3M Trained wallet Card. To receive your credits fax your 3M Trained Wallet card and your BICSI member number to the BICSI at 1-813-971-4311.

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    3M™ Fire Protection e-Train Brochure (PDF, 2MB)

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    Register to begin your e-Train online firestop training

    For questions or help accessing e-Train online firestop training, call 1-800-328-1687 (option 5)

  • Level 2: On-location and jobsite installer training

    Whether your team needs to know more about a specific firestopping product or system, or prefers a round-table question-and-answer session, our qualified professionals come to you and offer the training that best meets your needs.

    This firestop installation training program is designed for those who are generally familiar with 3M Fire Protection Products and want to learn more about advanced application installations, what new tools and systems are available and how 3M Fire Protection Products stack up against the competition in all aspects of passive fire protection.

    Sessions from 1 to 4 hours are available.

    Contact us today to learn more or request 3M™ Firestop Training.

  • Level 3: Advanced Installer Training at 3M Center

    Over the past 20 years, we've provided training for more than 5,000 code officials, architects, contractors and firestop professionals at our online fire-test center.

    The 3M fire-test center ensures quality results and is qualified under UL and Intertek guidelines for UL's Client Test Data Program and Intertek's Satellite Laboratory Program.

    Contact us today to learn more or request 3M™ Firestop Training.

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    Advanced Installer Training Registration (PDF, 1.70 MB)

Additional Facility Safety Accreditations

  • AIA/CES/BICSI/HSW Accredited Firestop Courses

    3M offers accredited firestop courses designed to keep you up to date with the latest firestopping technology and systems while you fulfill your CES/learning unit requirements. Contact local sales representative for current course descriptions.
    The Introduction to Firestopping and Telecom/Data courses are required to be completed to receive CEC credits. You must complete both courses and achieve a test score of 90 percent or higher to be able to print your 3M Trained wallet Card. To receive your credits fax your 3M Trained Wallet card to the BICSI at 1-813-971-4311. Be sure to include your BICSI member number!

  • 3M Master Contractor

    Become a master contractor with 3M Fire Protection Products. We've trained more than 2,000 construction professionals at our fire test center in Minnesota.

    Firestopping is a complicated and serious business, installing "systems" rather than "products." Currently there are over 3,000 tested systems, from over 60 manufacturers. Unfortunately, there are currently no state licensing programs for "firestopping" installation. And with so many different products and systems to choose from, the potential for confusion, misapplication, and the associated risks, is a very real concern.

    The firestop certification designation "Certified 3M - Trained Master Contractor," says a lot about a contractor. It is a standard of quality, identifying the most highly trained professionals in firestopping installations. It is a sign of confidence in a properly and full trained professional – with the experience, resources, training and commitment to get the job done right.

    Contact us today for more information on the 3M Master Contractor program and firestop certification

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