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    One scientist, good. Many scientists, even better.


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    One scientist, good. Many scientists, even better.

    Our 3M scientists translate their unique skillsets and areas of expertise into solving complex issues and creating exciting new solutions.

    • Post-it Notes

      In 1968, 3M scientist, Dr. Spencer Silver, developed a new adhesive. While not the tough, strong adhesive he was trying to create, it allowed attached surfaces to pull apart easily. Dr. Silver knew some day this microsphere technology could be of use. It wasn’t until a fellow 3M scientist, Art Fry, heard about the microspheres through a lab tech forum that the two realized the full potential of Silver’s invention. After applying the microspheres to paper, the Post-it® Note was born.

      Fast forward to the present, and there are more than 4,000 Post-it® Products sold in more than 150 countries. They’ve simply become a part of our everyday lives.

      But had the two scientists not connected, who knows what might have happened? The Post-it® Note might never have happened. That’s why, at 3M, we bring a collaborative spirit to every problem we tackle, and every project we take on.

      Today, we have 60 corporate scientists, each devoted to his or her own area of research. But when they come together, it’s like striking a flint. Just imagine it: 3M scientists with different areas of expertise combining their knowledge—their brain power—and applying it with full force toward business solutions. Solutions that could be as global as bringing clean drinking water to third-world countries, or as local as your own home.