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    Tricks to keep your gift a secret


    Tricks to Gift Wrapping

    • Half the fun of presents on birthdays or the holidays is trying to guess what's inside. With a few techniques, the packaging of your gifts can be more than just pretty—you can keep everyone guessing right up until the last moment.

      • Reshape it. People expect a gift's packaging to be around the same dimensions as the gift itself, so that's the easiest way to lead them astray. Try putting something in a much larger box, or a box with oddly specific dimensions, like a poster tube or aluminum foil box.
      • Surprise their senses. It's a rare present that you can hear, smell, or feel through the wrapping paper, so they'll focus on these senses if they can use them. Befuddle your friends and family by packing jingle bells in with your present, adding a little pinch of strongly-scented spice, or surrounding the box in foam before you wrap it to change its feel.
      • Keep it real. Like any good prank, the key to devious gift wrapping is keeping the person you're pranking from realizing what's happening until it's already happened. So while wrapping a ring in a refrigerator box will certainly keep them in the dark, they'll probably realize something's up and stop guessing.
      • Mix it up. Try the tricky approach on different people, and keep them guessing from year to year. And take it easy sometimes—once you apply these tips a few times, the one thing the people in your life will never expect is for you to wrap a present as-is.
      • Make it a challenge. Keep the suspense of what’s inside a little longer. Layer your gift in multiple sized boxes wrapping each box individually.