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    Unlock the learning style. Unlock the potential.


    Trifecta, Magenta/Maroon Mesh
    Unlock the learning style. Unlock the potential.

    Everyone has different ways of learning. Finding flexible, practical ways to work with that style can be the key to student success.

    • Post-it™ Study Ideas

      When you’re in a meeting are you the sort of person who reads through the handouts? Asks questions of the presenter? Digs into diagrams and visuals? Your answer to that question says a lot about how you learn.

      The same concept holds true for students. Each student has a particular way they best engage, interact and, ultimately, learn. Whether they are a visual learner, auditory learner or kinesthetic learner, what works for one might be lost on another.

      Unlocking the unique ways a student learns, means you can provide tools and methods that will help them best.

      That’s why Post-it® Brand partners with educational experts to bring awareness around different learning styles. Post-it products can be used in a variety of ways that maximize student learning and provide the best chance for success.

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