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    Helping parents make studying more successful


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    Helping parents make studying more successful
    Get the tips, tricks and techniques to help your child study smart this school year.

    • Parent study resources

      The school year is here, and as your child gears up for classes, you’re doing your part too. And we know it’s not just about getting the right supplies. That’s why we’re making it easy for parents everywhere to help their kids prepare for the classroom, and beyond. From English to Biology, note taking to pop quiz prep, you can find helpful resources on our Post-it® Study online portal.

      Whatever your child’s strengths or struggles, we can help you get them on the path to success this year. Learn more about the proper way to take detailed notes, show them tricks for tabbing the right textbook pages to save time, and streamline the study process.

      You can help by creating an inspiring and collaborative study environment at home, and by helping your child see the real-world impact of what they learn in the classroom. At 3M, we know the power of STEM education because we see it in our scientists and our products, every day. So we’re happy to provide you with the tools and insight to spark your child’s interest in STEM concepts and help them see the connection between science and real life.