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    Keep your shiny new car, shiny and new.


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    Keep your shiny new car, shiny and new.

    Protect your vehicle’s showroom shine long after it leaves the lot.

    • 3M™ Paint Protection Film

      Remember how it felt when you drove your car for the first time? Pristine paint, sparkling in the sun, and not a scratch in sight. But the world outside the showroom isn’t quite as forgiving—and it certainly can’t be avoided. That's why we formulated our 3M™ Paint Protection Film, to help maintain the investment you made in your vehicle.

      Paint protection film, or "clear bra" as it is sometimes known, protects the finish of your vehicle from bugs, rock chips, scratches, stains and more. Its self-healing technology allows most scratches to disappear. And its versatility allows you to apply it your car's most vulnerable areas, keeping your vehicle looking newer longer.

      We also know that you chose that candy-apple red color for a reason, and we don’t intend to meddle with it. 3M™ Paint Protection Film is virtually invisible, stain and fade resistant, and has superior resistance to yellowing. You can rest easy knowing that 3M paint protection film will offer world-class protection for your vehicle long after you venture off the lot.