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    Your space, your style


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    Your space, your style

    Your space may be small, but it’s yours to design.

    • Command™ Décor Damage-Free-Wall-Tiles

      Design your dorm to show off your style, tile by tile. Your space may be small, but it’s yours to decorate and customize. And with a little creative touch, and the right design materials, you can transform it into anything you’d like it to be. Time and time again.

      Take 3M’s Command™ Décor Damage-Free-Wall-Tiles to school and hang one (or more!) of the 40 designs to your wall without worry. Or choose from picture frame, dry erase and chalkboard tiles to add function as well as style to your dorm room. No tools, no holes and no damage. They are the easy way to turn your walls into ever-changing works of art.

      Wondering how they work? The decor tiles attach to the base magnetically, making it easy to hang, change, and rearrange whenever you feel like it. Change them by season, semester, or simply on a whim.

      College is a time for exploration, and Command™ Décor helps you explore your creative side in the small space you call your own.