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Tegaderm™ CHG Dressings being placed on man's arm

The best time to solve problems is before they start.

See how we are working to solve difficult problems.

We’re solving problems no one else is.

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    Solving problems starts with taking a closer look.

    Not long ago, we could only measure for compounds at levels of parts per million. 3M scientists thought we could go lower. So we kept working and developed a way to measure at parts per billion. Then trillion. We strive to raise standards to help people and the planet.

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    We help improve air quality. Indoors.
    The air we breathe the most should be the cleanest. It's why we built Filtrete™️ Healthy living Air Filters to help captures particles like dust, mold spores, pollen and pet dander.
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    We put our energy toward consuming less energy.
    3M™️ Display Films. Helping make millions of smartphones more efficient.

Improving Lives through Innovation and Action

At 3M, we seek to observe, understand and solve. What we believe is simple: We are people committed to helping other people. Every day we help tackle problems, big and small, in pursuit of our vision to improve every life.