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  2. Update to Healthcare Distribution on 3M U.S. ERP Deployment
Transforming to Win Together
Transforming to Win Together

Update to Healthcare Distribution on 3M U.S. ERP Deployment

At 3M, we strive to make it easier for you to do business with us.

In order to achieve that, we are undergoing a company-wide transformation initiative focused on the following areas:

  • Standardizing and simplifying our processes globally to drive service excellence
  • Leveraging global and regional service models to be more responsive to customer needs
  • Automating systems and processes so customer transactions flow seamlessly together supported by a new global ERP system

This transformation started a few years ago and it has now been completed in 14 countries, most recently in Spain and Portugal. Transforming the way we do business in all these countries has increased customer satisfaction and provided a great foundation to our U.S. implementation.

In the United States, the ERP deployment will be deployed in a phased approach over the next several years, starting with ordering and transactional activities, then the distribution centers in waves and finally the manufacturing plants in waves.
As we start this exciting initiative, we want to keep you informed and involved at all times. We will continue to provide timely communications well in advance of any changes. 

Toolkit for 3M Distribution Partners

This booklet is intended to give you an overview of the changes that you will see as a result of the new ERP deployment. Please refer to the contact information for each topic located at the bottom of each page directing you to who can help if you have any questions.

More Questions?

  • Why did I receive a communication regarding 3M’s ERP implementation?

    You will be experiencing some changes to your documents as we implement a new system. Overall these changes shouldn’t require you to make changes, we want to ensure you are aware well in advance so you can assess any potential impact.

  • This implementation covers orders you send directly to 3M.

  • Please refer to the Customer Toolkit to see detailed changes. This is a reference guide designed for you to navigate the new fields or changes to the documents we provide. This guide focuses on key changes to each document. Please note that much will stay the same – you can still order using the same product numbers and we will continue to provide the same documents however the format may change slightly.

  • As we transition to our new system, please anticipate a short downtime and plan your orders accordingly. You will receive ongoing communication with updates around timing. In addition, we encourage you to review the Customer Toolkit to determine if there are changes that may impact you specifically.

  • Each page of the Customer Toolkit contains a contact at the bottom of the page. As an alternative, please contact your Customer Service Representative who can direct you to the best contact.