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3M’s Water Management Standard

Promoting water stewardship at our global facilities

The Water Management Standard is an industry-leading initiative that will advance how we analyze our industrial wastewater and stormwater and help provide critical information as 3M enhances environmental stewardship at our sites.

Through this program, 3M will gather and make available industrial wastewater and stormwater data from our sites globally. This information will help drive our environmental management decisions and direct technology investments to where they’re most needed.

  • Industrial scale water collection system for wastewater discharge.

    Analyzing our sites’ water discharges

    As part of the Water Management Standard, all of 3M’s global sites generating industrial wastewater and/or stormwater collect quarterly samples. These samples are analyzed for a consistent set of analytes — in some instances, analytes beyond the regulatory guidelines already required of our facilities — such as metals, solids, nutrients, organics and select PFAS.

    This data will help inform technology investments to improve water quality associated with our operations.

  • Panoramic view of a winding river alongside an urban area with residential and industrial areas in the outer lying areas.

    Using data to drive discussions

    At 3M, we value collaboration to develop solutions for shared global challenges. Our sites will voluntarily make available their industrial wastewater and/or industrial stormwater data to certain regulators. In doing so, we will share knowledge and work together toward enhanced water stewardship.

    By regularly analyzing our industrial discharges, we are better equipped to make data-driven decisions that will enhance environmental stewardship at our global sites.

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