3M Sponsorships and Events

Sponsorships and events are often our first opportunity to meet you.  Whether that shared interaction takes place in a science competition, on the green, or during a third and two with less than two minutes left at a football game, we enjoy finding those opportunities to share our science in interesting and approachable ways.

Corporate Sponsorships

  • Minnesota Vikings Logo

    Official Science Partner of Minnesota Vikings

    One of the NFL’s newest home fields saw over fifty 3M products used in the design and construction of the Vikings’ state-of-the-art stadium, the most visible of which is the transparent half of the new roof, which is constructed using 3M products. 3M is proud to support the home team of our global headquarters in Minnesota!

  • Young Scientist Challenge Logo

    Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

    The nation’s premier science competition for middle school students, the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge targets students in the years when research indicates their interest in science begins to fade.  It encourages them to explore scientific concepts, apply these concepts to everyday life and creatively communicate their findings. Ten finalists in grades five through eight are selected from around the country to compete in the final challenge held at the 3M Innovation Center every fall.  The winner receives a $25,000 prize and the title of “America’s Top Young Scientist.”

  • 3M & Nobel Media Logo Lock-up

    Nobel International Partner

    As one of a select group of international partners, 3M brings a breadth and depth of scientific expertise. Together Nobel Media and 3M have the opportunity to focus on educating, inspiring and engaging a broad audience on big issues that impact people’s lives around the world. We will collaborate with Nobel Media over several years to bring light to important global issues, like the future of scientific education and sustainability.

Corporate Sponsored Events

  • Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee

    Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee

    When one of the biggest sporting events of 2018 takes place in Minnesota in February, 3M looks forward to welcoming all the attendees to our home state! While we are used to being on the world’s biggest stage with our customers every day, this time we are excited to partner with the committee and welcome the world’s biggest stage to Minnesota.

  • Golf Sponsorship Events

    Golf Sponsorship Events

    Whether it’s a PGA Tour Champions event designed for all to attend, or customer hospitality at signature events in the US and abroad, golf has been and continues to be a wonderful way to connect with our customers and partners around the world. 3M has been involved in golf events for well over fifty years. 

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