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Equity and Community at 3M

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About Equity and Community at 3M

  • As a global company we've set out to drive workforce representation, a culture of belonging, and equitable outcomes for our employees, businesses and communities through impactful social justice, diversity, equity & inclusion, and 3Mgives initiatives.

  • 3M Vice President of Social Justice Strategies and Initiatives Garfield Bowen, sitting in a chair with a lamp and a plant as part of a photography backdrop.

    A note from our Senior Vice President and Chief Equity Officer
    James Momon

    “At 3M, we are dedicated to leveraging our resources and capabilities to drive greater equity in our communities, workplaces and in our business practices. I have the privilege to lead a team that was formed to drive our efforts in diversity & inclusion, social justice, philanthropy, and volunteerism. To drive sustainable impact, we will need to innovate boldly, listen to and engage with our community partners, and lead with courage and empathy to deliver on our Equity and Community commitments.”


Our Commitments

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    $50 Million Community Investment

    Education and workforce development are key to racial equity, and we are investing $50 million to address racial opportunity gaps through workforce development initiatives. This commitment doubles our annual investment in STEM and Skilled Trades engagement.

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    Gender Pay Equity

    We seek to ensure employees of different genders are paid the same for similar job responsibilities, and our practices are creating gender pay equity across the globe. You can see our progress toward hitting 100% global pay equity in our Global Impact website.

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    Representation Goals

    In 2015, 3M set a cumulative goal across all diversity categories to double the pipeline of diverse talent in management globally from 32.6% to 65.2%. Our progress of advancing representation of Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino individuals from entry-level to senior management in our U.S. workforce is measured by the global Diversity Index.

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    STEM and Skilled Trades Goal

    3M set a new global, education-focused goal to advance economic equity by creating five million unique STEM and Skilled Trades learning experiences for underrepresented individuals by the end of 2025. This is meant to inspire and support future generations of innovators and scientists to seek out careers in STEM and Skilled Trades.

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    Inclusion Index

    3M created the global Inclusion Index as a way to help measure inclusion and employees’ sense of belonging in our workplace. Based on employee survey data, the results help guide our inclusion action plans across 3M and identify additional opportunities and priorities.

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    Supplier Diversity Goal

    To ensure that our value chain is accessible to minority and women-owned firms we’ve committed to doubling our spend with diverse suppliers in the U.S.

Learn about the Equity and Community team at 3M

As we advance our social justice and equity initiatives with urgency, we know systemic change requires resources and long-term dedication. 3M created a new Equity & Community organization to support our goals and commitments to progress equity in our workplaces, business practices and communities globally. Led by James Momon, 3M’s first-ever Chief Equity Officer, this holistic and cross-functional organization connects our teams and strategies across the following areas:

  •     A headshot of Marina Pariseau, Chief Diversity Officer at 3M.       
    Marina Pariseau
    Chief Diversity Officer
  •     A headshot of Michael Stroik, Vice President of 3Mgives at 3M.       
    Michael Stroik
    Vice President of 3Mgives
  •     A headshot of Garfield Bowen, Vice President of Social Justice Strategies and Initiatives at 3M.       
    Garfield Bowen
    Vice President of Social Justice Strategies and Initiatives

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Dedicated to empowering an inclusive culture by engaging and supporting 3Mers, addressing 3M’s processes to achieve more equitable outcomes and driving progress toward representation goals.

  • 3Mgives

    Dedicated to building community partnerships and supporting volunteerism with a focus on closing the opportunity gap for underrepresented groups in STEM and skilled trades.

  • Social Justice Strategy and Initiatives

    Dedicated to leading workstreams across the enterprise to address policies and practices that will advance equitable societal solutions, including supplier diversity, product development, policy advocacy and more.

Championing Equitable Change

While the long-lasting, equitable change 3M wants to make requires everyone to take part, it is also important to recognize the innovative and impassioned individuals who are influencing, impacting and leading the charge. Get to know some of the voices of those who are driving equitable change in our workplace, communities, and in our business practices.