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3M Verify

Authentic. Because it matters.

Authentic. Because it matters.

Report a Potential Counterfeit Product
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    3M began in 1902 with five founders that had a spirit of innovation and collaboration, leading to more than 60,000 3M products that are used in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and other industries.

    At 3M we know that quality matters. We believe that every customer seeking to purchase a 3M product should receive an authentic 3M product — each and every time. Counterfeits or fakes are typically cheaply made imitations that don’t offer the quality assurance that you expect from 3M products.

    Counterfeit products are not tested or approved like authentic 3M products. Instead, they are made by unknown fraudsters, using unknown processes and materials, with unknown or nonexistent quality control. And depending on the type of product, using a counterfeit product could put you at risk.

Avoiding Counterfeit Product

The best way to avoid purchasing a counterfeit product is to always buy from a 3M authorized reseller. When you do, you have the highest assurance that you have received genuine 3M product.

Be wary of offers that seem too good to be true — they usually are.

Bottom line, only shop from 3M authorized resellers.

For help in confirming if you are purchasing for an authorized reseller, contact 3M here or at 800-426-8688.

Stay informed about the products you buy.

Reporting a Potential Counterfeit Product

Submit a form from the list below to report a potential counterfeit product.