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Innovation expertise to help take your ideas to the world.

3M Ventures is the venture capital arm of the 3M Company.  The purpose of 3M Ventures is to advance 3M innovation by creating growth options in areas of strategic interest through minority equity investments, leveraging the global entrepreneurial and venture community.

3M ventures the venture capital arm of the 3M Company

What does 3M Ventures do?

We partner with entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative companies in fields related to our strategic focus areas. Ideas can be at any stage from prototyping to late stage and our investment can range from seed funding to capital investment.

  • What fields are we focused on?

    • Advanced materials and process technologies
    • Smart infrastructure
    • Healthcare and life sciences technologies
    • Digitization: Software solutions, Big Data, analytics, sensors, Connectivity/IoT

Why 3M?

To help scale our partners’ ideas, we can leverage our 51 technology platforms, 70 subsidiaries and more than 30 laboratories. Not to mention our deep commercial expertise and global customer networks.

These are the four fundamental strengths 3M might bring to the partnership:

  • 3M technology portfolio brings value to partnerships image

    Ability to share and combine elements of 3M’s broad technology portfolio to produce unique, differentiated products, translating to premium margins.

  • 3M manufacturing footprint and technology strengths to partnership image

    Utilization of 3M manufacturing footprint and technology, including process trade secrets, leading to higher-performing products and lower unit cost.

  • 3M global footprint for development, adaptation and commercialization of products image

    Subsidiary front- and back-office footprint that allows for the effective development, adaptation and commercialization of products.

  • Brand equity in the 3M brand and in strategic brands in partnering with 3M image

    Brand equity in the 3M brand and in strategic brands that are shared across business groups.

What are we looking for in our partners?

    • Management team with a track record of success
    • Products and technology with a strong intellectual property position
    • Well-articulated, scalable business model
    • Strong customer engagement, linked to an impactful market opportunity in 2-5 years

Interested in a partnership?

3M Ventures is eager to learn about new and exciting high growth opportunities.  If your business aligns to what 3M is looking for in our partners, please fill out the following fields.  Due to the volume of inquiries received by 3M Ventures, a response will be provided only to selected opportunities within 10 business days.

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